The 12 Best Beers to Pack For Your Next Fishing Trip

Cover photo from Flylords latest trip with guide David Mangum and Shallow Water
Cover photo from Flylords latest trip with guide David Mangum and Shallow Water Expeditions

Well Folks, Summer is officially here, and there’s nothing that pairs better with the season than a cold frothy beverage. We wanted to make sure no angler was left thirsty; so we hit the shelves and used our (self-proclaimed) expertise to find the perfect ales for the water. Grab some ice, break out the Yeti, and load up with our picks for the 12 best beers to pack for your next fishing trip.

Don’t worry, for quality assurance, we made sure to sample them all… multiple times.

1. Pacific Wonderland Lager – Deschutes Brewery

best beer to take fishing deschutes pacific lager
Photo courtesy of Deschutes Brewery

5.5% ABV, 40 IBUs

Deschutes Brewery delivers a refreshing twist on a lager with this crisp ale. Whether you’re trying to beat the heat, or celebrate a big catch, this beers Mandarina hops pack a citrusy, yet subtle kick embodying the Pacific Northwest.

Untappd Flavor profile: Light, Clean, Smooth, Hoppy, Dry

2. Sinners Son Stout – Sweetwater Brewery

best beer to take fishing sinners son stout
Photo courtesy of Sweetwater Brewery

12.4% ABV, 60 IBUs

Perfect for any sweet-toothed angler, Sweetwater Brewery delivers the perfect blend of smooth coffee goodness and gently toasted malts. Sinner’s Son Stout is ripe with age after spending months maturing in bourbon barrels, and delivers a velvety mouthfeel with hints of vanilla and oak. So get your friends, huddle up around a campfire, and enjoy a day well spent with a smooth harmonization roasted barley, flaked oats, and Columbus hops.

Untappd Flavor Profile: Coffee, Chocolate, Smooth, Boozy, Strong

3.Lake Erie Monster Imperial Pale Ale – Great Lakes Brewing Co.

best beer to take fishing great lakes lake erie monster IPA
Photo courtesy of Great Lakes Brewing Company

9.5% Abv, 80 IBUs

Brewed with Non-traditional Simcoe hops, this beer has as much bite as the legendary beast it’s inspired by. This Imperial IPA holds a full body and complements its bold hoppiness with a perfect balance of tropical fruity flavors. Perfect for any angler who likes their beer like their fish; big and mean.

Untappd flavor profile: Hoppy, Sweet, Strong, Smooth, Malty

4.Cascade Pilsner – Full Sail Brewery

best beer to take fishing full sail cascade
Photo courtesy of Full Sail Brewery

6% ABV, 60 IBUs

This Pilsner is a celebration of the family farmers of the Pacific Northwest, and the special cascade hops that it is Brewed with. This beer delights your nose with intense aromas of citrus and pine and treats your tastebuds with a medium body and dry malty palate. Named best of the PNW pilsner at the 2014 US beer tasting championships, this tasty ale pairs perfectly with shellfish, balancing a meal with a clean hop finish. This summer, set (full) sail with a few bottles of this refreshing pilsner, and some freshly tied crab flies (for the fish, not you…)

Untappd flavor profile: Hoppy, Light, Clean, Smooth, Full

5.Voodoo Ranger Juicifer IPA – Fat Tire Brewing

best beer to take fishing juicifer
Photo courtesy of Argonaut Liquor

7.7% ABV, 50 IBU’s

Moderately Sweet, devilishly juicy. That description fits none other than Fat Tire’s most recent release in the iconic line up of its Voodoo Ranger IPA’s; the Juicifer IPA. This IPA delights with a tropical aroma of guava and Pineapple, infused with a hint of citrus and wheat. Brimming with flavor from Galaxy and Citra Hops, this IPA’s kick pairs great with a hard fighting peacock bass.

Untappd flavor profile: Hoppy, Juicy, Fruity, Tropical, Sharp

6. Goin Coastal IPA – Sweetwater Brewery

best beer to take fishing goin coastal IPA
Photo courtesy of Sweetwater Brewery

6.1% ABV, 45 IBU’s

Toss on your shades, rig up your rod, and grab a delicious Goin’ coastal IPA; because no matter what day it is, the weekend is here. Sweetwater Brewery comes out swinging with its sweet and citrusy concoction of pineapple and grapefruit taste. Featuring not one, not three, but FIVE unique citrus hop editions; this beer is jam-packed with mouth-watering hoppy goodness to be appreciated by any beer lover. Perfectly balanced with Munich, and Premium English Malt, this beer is sure to be a smash hit amongst friends, and a summer must-have in every anglers cooler.

Untappd flavor profile: Pineapple, Hoppy, sweet, light, subtle

7. 3 Weight Session IPA – Sierra Nevada

best beer to take fishing 3 weight session ipa
Photo courtesy of Sierra Nevada Brewing co.

4% ABV, 40 IBU’s

“Pairs well with a fly rod”. Well, you don’t need to tell us twice. Grab a sixer of 3 weight session IPA’s and head up to your favorite brookie stream, because this tasty beverage is one for the mountains. This golden easy drinking IPA is brewed with some of our favorite hops, including, but not limited to, Cascade, Citra, Magnum, and more. Mixed with CaraRed malts, this beer delights its patron to a light and smooth, yet still hoppy drinking experience. Just

Untappd flavor profile: Light, Hoppy, Citrus, Smooth, Thin

8. American Beauty Pale Ale – Dog Fish Head

fly fishing beer dogfish head
Photo courtesy of Drizly

6.5% ABV, 50 IBU’s

If only the special feeling of being at a Grateful Dead show could be captured and bottled up somehow…oh, wait. Introducing The American Beauty Pale ale, a harmonious culmination of granola, honey, and all American Hops. With a warming and thin mouthfeel, this beer leaves hints of lingering honey and citrus, accompanied by fruity notes of almond. It’s flavorful, it’s delicious, and it will pair perfectly with your brand new Flylords Grateful Dead T-shirt! 

Untappd flavor profile: Smooth, Clean, Hoppy, Honey, Caramelly

9. Red Fish Red IPA – Flying Fish Brewing Company

best beer to take fishing redfish ale
Photo courtesy of Flying Fish Brewing co.

7% ABV, 42 IBU’s

Whether you’re celebrating a whopping red or drowning the embarrassment of a habitual trout set, Flying Fish’s redfish ale is the perfect drink for those hot days on the skiff. This beer brings the piney taste that IPA lovers expect, but also delivers a refreshingly ripe citrus kick drawn from its combination of Citra and Centennial Hops. Brewed with chico yeast, this deep ruby colored IPA finishes off like a day of broken lines; slightly bitter.

Untappd flavor profile: Hoppy, Malty, Smooth, Strong, Sweet

10. White witbier – Alaskan Brewing Co.

best beer to take fishing alaskan white
Photo courtesy of Beer Buzz

5.3% ABV, 15 IBU’s

Once the beaver’s landed and the lodge fire’s been lit, kick back and reach for a soft and crisp Alaskan white Ale. While being the most unique beer on our list, this Belgian style witbier has a smooth aroma of coriander and orange combined with a light, yet enriching body. Brewed with a generous blend of the finest European and Pacific Northwest hops, this Alaskan treasure is as smooth as polar bear fur (not that we’d ever recommend trying to pet one).

Untappd flavor profile: Light, Smooth, Clean, Sweet, Fruity

11. Two Hearted Ale – Bell’s Brewery

best beer to take fishing two hearted IPA
Photo courtesy of Magruder’s of DC


Whether you’re floating the Two Hearted River in Michigan, or having a lazy day on the creek in central PA; Bell’s Two hearted ale is the perfect frothy drink for a breezy summer day. With hoppy aromas ranging from pine to grapefruit, this American IPA packs a remarkably drinkable body along with a malty backbone. With heavy additions of hops in both the kettle and the fermenter, this power-packed ale will leave any hop lover satisfied.

Untappd flavor profile: Hoppy, smooth, floral, light, sweet

12. Guide Beer Lager – Sweetwater Brewery

best beer to take fishing guide beer lager
Photo courtesy of Sweetwater Brewery

4% ABV, 21 IBU’s

If you fish at all, there’s a good chance you’ve seen someone enjoying this crisp refreshing brew, or most likely, had one or two yourself. SweetWater Brewing has outdone itself with this magnificently simple, yet revolutionary lager. Brewed with pilsner malt, and flaked corn, this lager delivers a traditional smooth taste while also providing a small hoppy kick with a mixture of Hallertau and Mt. Hood hops. Not only is this golden ale delicious, but by drinking it, you’re helping make the world a better place. 11% of all profits from Guide Beer is donated to help guides who can no longer pursue their life’s work. So reach in the cooler, scoop out another 16 ouncer, and raise a can of Sweetwater Guide Beer to the men and women who show us the way!

Flylords would like to thank you for drinking responsibly


This article was written by Flylords Team Member Wills Donaldson 

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