Cheers to Biodegradable Six Pack Rings!

You see it everywhere: plastic six pack rings littering the beach and the boat ramp or pictures online of six pack rings literally choking marine animals to death. It’s a disgusting image that we have all seen and, for the most part, contribute to. Thankfully, two companies are actively trying to improve the global situation of marine plastic pollution by addressing this one pollutant. Saltwater Brewery, of Delray, Florida, has been working with E6PR on developing biodegradable and edible six pack rings. This packaging is made out of barley and wheat which makes it so environmentally friendly. Earlier this year, Saltwater Breweries released the E6PR packaging on their Screamin’ Reels IPA in South Florida markets. Hopefully, more breweries utilize this innovative packaging, because plastic pollution is quickly becoming a worldwide crisis affecting all levels of marine life. Keep up the awesome work, Saltwater Breweries and E6PR!

For more information on this innovative idea, check out this article, E6PR’s website, and Saltwater Brewery.


Photos courtesy of Saltwater Brewery (IG:@saltwaterbrewery)

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