Fly Fishing the Striped Bass Flats

The Striped Bass is one of the most versatile saltwater fish species. You can catch stripers along rocky shorelines, down deep, in chaotic blitzes,...
rainbow trout

Best Flies to Fish: The Gunnison River

A curated list of Tips and Flies to help you on your next trip to the Gunnison River.

How to Strip Set with a Fly Rod

Lets be real, one of the most satisfying feelings in fly fishing is setting the hook only to feel that line tighten up as...
Fly Rod Cork Repair_Main Image

How To: Repair a Fly Rod Cork

Fly rod corks come in varying qualities but almost always contain some amount of filler due to the porous nature of the material. The...

Trout Above Treeline

As the thoughts of a warm trout-filled summer emerge, it’s time to sit down and plan the annual alpine fly-fishing/backpacking trips with my good...
Drew Ross Kayak Angling

DIY Kayak Fly Fishing Tips and Tricks

As anglers, we've all been in a situation where we think to ourselves, "Man, I wish I had a boat to reach inaccessible/un-wadeable areas...

How to Fly Fish for Walleye

When people think of fly fishing, a few species come to mind: trout, bonefish, and maybe bass. Most, however, do not think of walleye....
Fishing an early Maryland hatch with the Native Release team

5 Hatches You Must Fish Before You Die

There are few things more rewarding than seeing a fish take your dry fly as it skates across the surface of the water. Laying...

How to Create a Dubbing Loop

As fly fishermen, we tend to go through various fly patterns during a typical outing on the water. Our goal is to do our...

Rowing for Fly Fishing – Complete Guide for Rowing Drift Boats...

For many anglers, using a boat to fly fish is a must. It opens more fishing opportunities whether it’s the ability to cover more...
Early Riser Coffee