You heard that right … New Belgium just announced that Fat Tire Amber Ale is the world’s first certified carbon neutral beer!

New Belgium Brewing (the makers of the famous Fat Tire) has always dedicated their company to creating a more sustainable world. While this has been a key part of the company’s ethics, they just took their commitment to sustainability to a whole new level.

Today, August 7th, 2020 (International Beer Day), New Belgium announced that Fat Tire is now America’s first and only certified carbon neutral beer – and they’re committing all of New Belgium to carbon neutrality by 2030.

Fat Tire beer and fly line
Courtesy of @kirkymarks

New Belgium believes that “without healthy rivers, forests, and soils, it’s impossible to brew great beer. For nearly thirty years, Fat Tire has been working to reduce its impact and protect the land and water that make great beer possible. Today, on International Beer Day, Fat Tire is now proud to say it is America’s first certified carbon neutral beer.”

To learn more follow @fattire, grab a fatty, and #drinksustainably

Fat Tire beer sitting in a creek
Courtesy of @ericbraker

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