In our latest gear review, we check out GoPro’s new magnetic clip light: The Zeus Mini. Check out what we had to say below.

There’s not always a light at the end of the tunnel, but it sure as hell helps when there is. A few months ago, we got our hands on a collection of GoPro gear ranging from cameras to mounts, to other fantastic gadgets perfect for capturing adventures. To get a taste for what we were able to put together for them, check out the video below.

Out of all the gear we brought along, the one piece of equipment that intrigued us the most was the new Zeus Mini Magnetic Clip Light. At first glance, we weren’t totally sure what all we were going to even do with it. However, as the adventure unraveled, we were definitely thankful we had it handy.

Upon Opening:

As we tore through the many boxes that were laid across the floor of Colby Crossland’s guide bungalow, we made our way into the Zeus Mini. The packaging was up to the GoPro standard, and inside had the light, a charging cable, a light defuser, an adapter, and a mounting buckle. Upon first glance, the light was solid, but still lightweight, and seemed to be relatively user friendly. Immediately we tossed it onto the metal door frame to see how strong the magnet was. It connected with a resounding ‘THUD’, and we were assured that this light was sure to stick to wherever we decided to put it.

Field Testing:

Our first interaction with the light occurred when we pulled our 3 boats up to our designated riverside campsite. The fishing had been great, and in our usual fashion, we managed to pull up to the site later than we would have preferred. As the sun dipped behind the red rock cliffs, we were thankful to have a few Zeus Minis already in hand. We strapped them onto the fronts of the metal boats and turned them to their max setting. Immediately, 200 lumens of light unveiled a clear landing, and ensured the safety of our boats and gear upon our bankside arrival.

Colby Crossland in front of some safely landed boats

It wasn’t long before we began to set up camp. Again, we were able to utilize the minis to make setting up tents in the dark as painless as possible. With one light clipped onto a baseball cap, and another clipped to a branch of an overhanging cedar, we were practically setting up our sleeping quarters in broad daylight. The lights clips were refreshingly strong and possessed a solid grip on whatever surface we placed them on.

The lights came in equally as handy when we began preparing a delicious chicken and pita dinner. Each cook was equipped with a light on their hat as they worked to prep the necessary sustenance for some late night fly tying.

As we browsed over the intel collected that day, we came to the conclusion that the heavy hitter fly that we should all be tossing would be the Chubby Chernobyl. Unfortunately, our supply was running low. Fortunately, however, Colby had his vise, and a plethora of fly tying material stowed away in his duffel bag in case of this exact incident. Quickly, we arranged a tying station for him on an old picnic table, complete with a multi-directional light fixture comprised solely of Zeus Minis. The Light defuser really came in hand for this project, as having a softened light really helped Colby focus on his task and not have to worry about being blasted by the direct LED rays.

When it was all said and done, we were well equipped for another day of excellent fishing, and ready to hit the hay. As we traced our trails back to our tents, the long-lasting battery of the Zeus mini guided our way. In all, we consider these an essential piece of gear for any camping trip.


  • Compact, versatile LED illumination for projects, camping, outdoor adventures, safety and more.
  • Built tough and waterproof to 33ft (10m)
  • Clip to a baseball hat, pack strap, work bench or any fixed object
  • Flexible 360° swivel lets you easily adjust the lighting angle (10m)
  • 4 levels of brightness—up to 200 lumens—for crisp detail

Final Review:


5 star rating

User Friendliness:

4 star rating

Battery Life: 

4 star rating


4 star rating


3 stars


If you’re in the market for a headlamp, that doubles as a boat headlight, that tripels as a spotlight for any task, big or small, you have in front of you, definitely consider the Zeus Mini light as an efficient alternative for your standard banded headlamp. We were thoroughly impressed with the performance of the light, not only as a practical field tool, but as a cinematic accessory. We would definitely recommend one to any filmmaker, amateur to pro, as well as anyone who regularly pulls into the boat landing long after the moon has made its way into the sky.

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