GoPro Presents: “This Place Sucks” – A Fly Fishing Adventure Down the Green

This September we had the chance to take a trip over to the Green River and meet up with our friend, Colby Crossland, a guide for Spinner Fall Guide Service. With us, we brought a few rods, a cooler of beer, and most importantly, our friend Preston Hoffman who was armed with an arsenal of GoPro equipment, including the new Zeus Mini Magnetic Swivel Clip Light.

gopro equipment on the table
Tools of the trade

While there, we set out to capture a 2 night, 3 day float/ fish extravaganza on one of Utah’s most incredible rivers. The catch: we wanted to document it solely with GoPro gear. With Colby and company leading the way, we set out to enjoy all the splendors float-camping had to offer, all while trying to catch a few fish along the way. For some good old wave crashing, fly tying, hook setting goodness, feel free to check out our official collaboration with GoPro appropriately titled: This Place Sucks.

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