The Ultimate Fly Fishing Gift Guide

The Best Fly Fishing Gifts and Gear For the Angler in Your Life

The Ultimate Fly Fishing Gift Guide (2020)

Buying gifts for anglers can be a tricky task. Whether you’re a participant, or someone not quite familiar with the sport, picking the perfect gift is often an intimidating and sometimes stressful endeavor as each angler possesses a unique taste. That being said, we here at Fly Lords wanted to take the guesswork out of the process and deliver to you the ultimate fly fishing gift guide for 2020.

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How to choose (for non-anglers)

When it comes to finding a gift for the angler in your life, it feels like there are a million options to choose from. So, when trying to find the perfect gift to give, focus on the person you’re buying for, not an exact item or brand. If they are someone who never seems to be outside of an airport terminal, focus towards a gift that embodies travel such as a backpack, or rain jacket. If they’re more of a weekend warrior, consider smaller gifts like a water bottle built to last, or a cool hoodie. By matching the lifestyle of the person you’re buying for, as opposed to their estimated taste, you’re far more likely to find the perfect present they didn’t even know they needed. (But just in case, it never hurts to save the receipt)

Finally, remember that sometimes it’s better to think little! Whether it’s a holiday, or just a token of gratitude, sometimes its a hat, shirt, or replacement tool that ends up being the gift that means the most. Not everyone needs something big and flashy. Plenty of times, just the simple reminder of knowing you care is more than enough.


Quick and Easy gifts

Gifts Under $100

Gifts $100-300

Gifts $300 and Over

Handmade/ Personalized Gifts

Quick and Easy Gifts

Fishpond Arrowhead Retractor

arrowhead retractor
image courtesy of East Rosebud Fly and Tackle

Anglers love their gadgets. Perfect for keeping clippers or holsters close; the arrowhead attractor is a sleek and dependable way to make sure you’ve got everything you need on the side of your hip.

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Tacky Fly Box

orvis tacky fly box
Image courtesy of

This fly box is streamlined to carry 168 flies, and can slip into just about any pocket you have. Built with a shatter-resistant polycarbonate body, as well as a magnetic closing system, this is the ultimate all in one box for any angler.

Smith Creek Rod Clip

smith creek rod clip
Image courtesy of Amazon

One of the most looked over, yet useful devices an angler can carry on them, the Smith Creek rod clip is a fly fishing must-have. Being small, yet extremely durable, this rod clip provides a third hand to anyone removing a hook, changing flies, or dealing with a nasty tangle.

Fishpond Beavertail Fly Patch

fishpond fly patch
Image courtesy of Amazon

Say goodbye to sheep’s wool and say hello to the Fishpond Beavertail Fly patch. Gone are the days of twisting and bending hooks out of weathered patches. The durable foam pad allows for dependable storage of wet flies, as well as easy access for a quick fly change. With an easy to use velcro attachment system, this patch can be slapped onto any velcro surface withing seconds.

Loon Outdoors Rogue Spring Creek Forceps

loon forceps
Image courtesy of Amazon

Every smart angler knows to never leave home without a pair of forceps, and to never settle for a sub-par make. Loon outdoors provides a compact, top quality pair of forceps that are sure to last as long as you can keep track of them. Made with a comfortable grip finish, as well as a rust-resistant finish, these forceps are all you could look for, and then some.

Yeti Rambler 18oz Water Bottle

yeti rambler 18oz
image courtesy of Amazon

What’s more important than staying hydrated? Nothing. With the stylish and extremely durable yeti 18oz rambler, you can keep water cold ALL DAY, and look great doing it.

Gifts under $100

Dead Drift Fly Fishing T-shirt

work less fish more gift
Image courtesy of Dead Drift Fly Fishing

Work less, Fish more; truly a motto to live by. A perfect gift for the angler who seems to spend more time in the office than on the water, this athletic poly blend t-shirt is a quick and easy way to remind someone (or yourself) what really matters in life. Not to mention, because of its durable construction, you can wear this shirt on and off the water (With a few washes in-between).

Buff USA Aqua Gloves

Buff USA aqua gloves
Image courtesy of

A fan favorite on the river, keep your hands cool and safe from the sun’s harmful rays. These gloves come in a multitude of styles that are sure to match the hatch when it comes to each angler’s unique taste.

Duck Camp Co. Bamboo Hoodie

Duck camp co. hoodie
Image courtesy of Duck Camp co.


Made from a 67% bamboo blend material, this hoodie will allow you to blend in with your surroundings, and keep you feeling comfortable all day. Moisture-wicking technology combined with soft lock seams come together to keep you dry and on the water all day.

Orvis Safe Passage Shoulder Sling Pack

Orvis sling pack
image courtesy of Amazon

One of the most convenient over the shoulder packs, as well as one of the most cost-efficient, the Orvis safe passage shoulder sling pack is designed with comfort and practicality in mind. Constructed with specialized pockets for water bottles and fly boxes of all sizes, this pack never fails to accommodate any angler’s preferences.

FlyLords Artist Series: Lucky Hat

lucky fishing hat

Born in the journal of Ed Anderson this hat came to life with the quote ” There is no explanation – a good hat can mean the difference between the words “skunk,” and “epic”. Supply is limited, so don’t miss out on the lucky hat that may be just what you need to finally land that once in a lifetime fish.

Patagonia Neoprene Socks with Gravel Guards

patagonia gravel guard gift
Image courtesy of Patagonia

In the midst of summer. wet wading is every angler’s relief. However, there’s no need to toss aside your wading boots just yet. With Patagonia’s durable neoprene wading sock, you’ll be able to keep debris out, all while keeping cool and looking cooler.

Columbia PFG Tamiami II Long Sleeve Shirt

PFG tamiami long sleeve shirt
image courtesy of Amazon

This shirt specializes in comfort and breathability. Perfect for the long days spent on the salt, the PFG Tamiami shirt is constructed of omni-shade UPF 40 fabric, as well as Amni-wick moisture-wicking fabric in order to keep you protected rain or shine. An essential to any angler to keep your skin, and state of mind safe.

Gifts $100-300

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Trout Line

amplitude trout line
image courtesy of Amazon

When it comes to fly-line, nobody does it better than Scientific Anglers. With their new line of amplitude line, SA utilizes patented divot technology to get your line further and smoother with each cast. Specializing in accuracy, this is the ultimate trout line.

Costa Del Mar Black Fin Sunglasses


costa black fin sunglasses
Image courtesy of Amazon

Made to look good and function even better Costa’s 580 Polycarbonate provides high clarity, impact- and scratch-resistance along with lightweight all-day wear-ability. If you’re looking to take your fishing game to the next level, look no further than the sunglasses that are built by hand and backed for life.

Fishpond Nomad Mid Length Net

fishpond nomad mid length
image courtesy of Patcrick’s fly shop

“We’re gonna need a bigger…net”. Don’t find yourself on the river trying to cram your new PR into a tiny outdated net. Trust one of the most popular brands in the net game right now and upgrade to the Nomad Mid-length net. By prolonging your reach, and increasing your grip, kiss the awkward fish fumble goodbye, and say hello to the easiest net job you ever experienced.

Moonshine Rod Co. Drifter Series Rod.

Moonshine Rod. Co. drifter series
Image courtesy of Amazon

Moonshine is making a splash in the rod industry right now, and their rods back the hype. Introducing the Moonshine Drifter series rod, available in sizes from 3-8 wt. there’s a rod for any angler. As if the High-performance graphite and grad AAA cork wasn’t trustworthy enough, this rod is backed by a no-fault LIFETIME guarantee. There are very few rods on the market that have this much value, for such a low price.

Simms Dry Creek Z Hip Pack

simms back country dry creek z gift
Image courtesy of Back Country

Built with the ingenuity one would trust from a pack made by SIMMS fishing, The Dry Creek z Hip pack is everything you could want in a fly bag and more. Engineered to be completely waterproof, the Dry Creek Z’s patented TIPZIP technology keeps your gear safe and dry. Built big enough to hold all your geat and then some; you’ll have to buy more fly boxes just to fill the main compartment.

Yeti Panga Waterproof Backpack

Yeti fly fishing bag
Image courtesy of Amazon

Taking a place on our 2019 list for The Best Fly Fishing Packs That’ll Have Your Back, the Yeti Panga Waterproof backpack is as sleek as backpacks come. Capitalizing on patented THICKSKIN TPU lamination, and Hydrolock zipper technology, this bag is here to serve and protect from any and all elements. The pack is also compatible with the Yeti Sidekick Hopper, which can be easily attached to the back for added storage and accessibility.

Gifts $300 and Over

Orvis Pro Wading Jacket

orvis pro wading jacket
image courtesy of Amazon

When it comes to an all-day fishing trip, the last thing you should have to worry about is staying dry. Luckily, the Orvis pro wading jacket has your back. Engineered with a waterproof rating of 20,000mm and a breathability rating of 15,000g, no jacket performs quite like this one. Designed with the rugged outdoors in mind, the pro wading jacket is a class above the rest when it comes to keeping your dry and comfortable.

Abel TR Click and Pawl Reel

Abel TL reel
Image courtesy of Abel reels

Scientifically engineered to last, this C&P reel is one of the most versatile high-end reels on the market. Made in the USA, this reel utilizes a time-honored click-pawl system that protects light tippet while preventing overrun with a Quick-change spool and large-arbor design. If that’s not enough, all Abel Reel designs can be personalized to match the heart and soul of any angler.

Thomas and Thomas Zone Rod

thomas and thomas zone rod
Image courtesy of Trident Fly Fishing

When you’re buying a T&T rod, you know you’re making a sound investment. However. something that makes the “zone” a little different from most other rods is its willingness to compete. Adaptable, durable, and surprisingly affordable, the “Zone” ditches the frills and sparkles most high-end rods decide to boast, and focuses purely on functionality. Built with Thomas and Thomas’ premium rod tech, the “Zone” is one of the best rods an angler can find for the price.

Redington Sonic Pro HDZ Waders

redington hdz waders
Image courtesy of Amazon

If you’re looking for waders that manage to match their functionality with their ingenuity, look no further. The Redington sonic pro HDZ waders are a testament to wading technology and could be considered the most practical waders on the market. Built to withstand the most rugged conditions, the Sonic Pro HDZ waders include their patented TIPZIP waterproof front zipper, two-sided fleece hand warmers (with waterproof zippers), a large water-resistant pocket, and an integrated tool dock. If it’s time to toss torn and tattered waders, make sure to make the investment that will pay off for years to come, and invest in a pair of these bad boys.

*Note: Wading boots are not included in this list, but can be found HERE

Yeti Tundra 65 Cooler

yeti tundra cooler
Image courtesy of Amazon

When it comes to the Yeti Tundra 65 it’s going big or go home. There’s no need to explain why this cooler reigns champion amongst all other coolers but were going to tell you anyway. #1 in insulation, as well as #1 durability, Yeti coolers have made a name for themselves in the outdoor gear world. This cooler can carry just about anything but the kitchen sink (and maybe that too, depends on how good you are at packing), and keep the load at the perfect temperature for days. If you’re looking for the cooler that’ll last the rest of your life, look no further than the Yeti Tundra 65.

Classic Accessories Colorado XTS Inflatable Pontoon Fishing Boat

pontoon fishing boat
Image courtesy of Amazon

One can only go so deep with a standard pair of waders, not to mention, what about fishing lakes… or strong rivers? Drift boats are too expensive, and where can you store them? Here with a solution to all these problems is the CA Colorado XTS inflatable Pontoon boat. This boat comes with everything you need to get on, and off the water. Including over 20 insulated pockets, a swivel paddle seat, and a detachable transport wheel, this boat’s main focus is convenience. Not to mention, it can be deflated and folded up to fit in the back of your car (with room leftover!). Additional features include a removable stripping basket, adjustable footrests, quick fill valves, and a built-in anchor system, making this one of the most versatile pontoons in its price range, and the perfect gift for any angler looking to extend their fishing adventures.

Handmade/ Personalized Gifts

Brady’s Handmade Nets

Brady's handmade nets
Image courtesy of Wild Fly Productions

Crafted by father and son, these nets embody the spirit of fly fishing and the connections the sport creates. Each net is individually constructed purely by hand in South Carolina, and can be customized to meet even the most specific preference of any angler. With an unbeatable price, these nets are the perfect way to show someone you really care, as it’ll be a staple to their fly fishing loadout for many years to come.

Hand-Painted Customized Abel Reel

customized abel reel
Image courtesy of Abel Reels

One reel to rule them all. Hit the water with an all-new, customized VAYA reel from Abel Reels. Making their second appearance on the list, Abel enables any of their reels to be customized with a hand-painted finish that can be modified to incorporate over 70 different designs! Show someone you truly know them with the unique gift that will distinguish them from anyone on the water.

Handmade Scott Splitcane Flyrod

Split can scott fly rod
Image courtesy of Scott Fly Rods

Inspired by the rod’s that started it all, The folks down at Scott Fly Rods are preserving history within each one of their customized split cane rods. In collaboration with Naoki Hashimoto of Hokkaido of Japan, these rods are works of art created through masterful precision and care. Pay homage to where the sport was born and embark on your next journey with a true one-of-a-kind tool that can be matched by no other.

This article was written by Flylords team member Wills Donaldson 

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