In this Gear Review, we will be taking a look at B&W Hitches Tow and Stow system. If you have ever owned a vehicle with a hitch, and tow regularly, a good hitch can not only improve your towing but also can give you increased safety when you are getting your boat to and from the ramp.

B&W Hitches Close

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Initial Impressions:

Before the hitch ever hit our front steps, I was already excited to throw it on my truck. If you own a truck or any towing capable vehicle, you might have experienced what I like to call “hitch envy” at one point in time. This sounds ridiculous, but so is anyone that owns a truck or SUV. We are always looking for the next best customization for our rig whether it is a leveling kit, roof rack, new wheel, tires, the list goes on. For me, I just got a new truck and I was not smart enough to pull my old B&W off my previous rig. Needless to say, I was giddy when the package hit my front steps.

B&W Hitches on boat

Upon opening the cardboard box, which was quite heavy, you are met with the shiny new hitch ready for work. The shank and drop of the hitch are powder coated and appear very scratch resistant (for when you back the truck up a little too far and give the trailer a love tap). The three-point ball I selected was clean chrome, polished enough to see your reflection.

As I removed the hitch from out of its packaging, I stopped and grabbed my hitch lock on the way out to my truck. Installation was as easy as you would expect, all it took was lining up the receiver with the hitch and locking it in place with my hitch lock. With the hitch installed and locked in, it was time to hook up the trailer and test the hitch out.

Trailer on B&W Hitches

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Field Testing:

Once the hitch was on, it is important to make sure that the ball you are using on the hitch will fit your trailer. For my raft trailer, I needed the 2″ ball. Rotating between the three-ball sizes was easy, just pull the cotter pin, and spin until you get to your proper ball size. Next was adjusting the drop of the hitch. This was easy as well, with the removal of two cotter pins you are able to move the hitch up and down to match the height of your trailer.

B&W Hitches Trailer

The ability to move the hitch up and down is a game-changer. This allows you to ensure a level trailer, which is crucial for safely towing your boat to and from the ramp. There are two factors that can affect how level your trailer is, vehicle height, and trailer height. For my own rig, I had to drop the hitch about 5 inches to get everything level. An unintended consequence this had was I was no longer having to lift the trailer to my hitch, instead, I was able to back right into it. Since the trailer was level, it towed significantly better than my previous setup.

B&W Hitches towing up

When it was time to get back from the ramp and the trailer unhooked, I then employed my favorite feature of the hitch, the stowing feature. If you have ever had a hitch on your vehicle your shin has most likely found the hitch when you are walking around your rig in the dark (most likely accompanied by some expletives). With the same process of moving your ball up and down, you can also flip it around under your bumper. Trust me on this, your ankles will thank you. Then when you are ready to tow again, or if you want to be an ass and leave your hitch over a curb, you can flip it back around.

B&W Hitches stow feature
Hitch Stow Feature – Photo from B&W Trailer Hitches

Final Review:


5 star rating

Ease of Use:

4 star rating


4 star rating


5 star rating


3 stars (MSRP: $199-$369)


B&W Hitches together

In conclusion, while a hitch might not be the first thing you think you need for your rig it is definitely a game-changer when it comes to giving you the ease of mind when towing. While it is going to be on the higher side when it comes to price, compared to any other hitch you might find, it is well above in quality of any other product I’ve seen on the market. It is made 100 percent in the USA with a high quality that might outlast your vehicle. Most importantly, you can stow it away and leave the days of slamming your ankles against your hitch in the past.

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B&W Hitches close up shot

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