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With Father’s Day right around the corner, the search for the perfect gift for dad has officially begun. Our team is proud to present some of the hottest fly fishing gifts on the market along with some other adventure-ready favorites in this year’s Flylords Father’s Day Fly Fishing Gift Guide. From any preference and price range, we have something that’s sure to make your father smile on or off the water.

Supporting Local Businesses This Father’s Day:

We try to do our part and encourage all of our readers to make the extra effort to shop local and that’s no different through this Father’s Day Fly Fishing Gift Guide. When you shop local, not only are you giving Dad the gifts he wants, but you’re also gifting your support for the backbone of the fly-fishing industry.

Caldwell Rohrbach of Emerald Water Anglers enjoying some quality time with his son, Walker. Photo by @bethanymaloney

1. Rep Your Water Big Bow Old Fashioned Glass – $12

Rep Your Water Big Bow Old Fashioned GlassAfter a good day of fishing, there’s nothing better than telling fishing stories over a cocktail with friends. For this Father’s Day, get dad a new glass to add to the collection with the Rep Your Water Big Bow Old Fashioned Glass. This glass is perfect, large enough for your typical single ball or square ice cube.

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2. Orvis Dropper Rig Fishing Fly Box – $29.95

Orvis Dropper Rig Fishing Fly Box

Don’t waste your time on the water: this fly box stores multiple pre-tied rigs, whether you’re fishing a nymph set up, dropper rig, or double dry flies. One thing we like about this box is it allows you to save old fishing leaders for reuse or disposal. Rig up five different rigs on the foam inserts before fishing, allowing you to save time on the water, just attach your leader to your lead fly. Flies not included.

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3. Sage R8 Core Fly Fishing Rod – $1,050.00

Sage R8 Core Fly Fishing Rod

Sage’s latest multi-application fast action rod is here, the R8 Core. Any angler, beginner to expert will instantly feel the responsiveness of Sage’s latest rod technology in hand. The Sage R8 core is available in 3wt to 9wt, with a variety of lengths from 8’6” to 10’0”, meeting the needs of just about any freshwater and light salt angler. Make it a memorable Father’s Day with Sage’s latest and most high-performing fly rod available, the R8 Core.

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4. Rumpl Everywhere Mat Ocean Fade – $80

Rumpl Everywhere Mat Ocean Fade

Meet the most versatile, packable, Everywhere Mat from Rumpl. This mat is a great addition to throw into the truck, for use of throwing waders on, a blanket for the kids on the river bank, or to enjoy a nice picnic with friends. The Rumpl Everywhere Mat repels sand, pet hair, odor, stains, and even has a waterproof underside. Get dad a Rumpl Everywhere Mat for Father’s Day, he won’t be disappointed.

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5. Airflo Premium Tippet – $19.99-29.99Airflo Premium Tippet


If you want the ultimate stealth, strength, and knotability, look no further than Airflo’s new Premium Tippet. Quality tippet is one of the easiest gifts to give for Father’s Day. Here at Flylords we have loved using the new Airflo tippet; not only does this tippet exhibit incredible strength and superior abrasion resistance, this material is a much heartier material that is useful in situations such as tight line nymphing or fishing heavy cover. If you’re interested in learning more about the difference between fluorocarbon and nylon tippet, check out our Nylon vs. Fluorocarbon article by clicking HERE. Available in full and half sizes from 1x-12.5lb to 7x-2.5lb. 

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6. Patagonia “Cracked: The Future of Dams in a Hot, Chaotic World” by Steven Hawley Book – $28

Patagonia "Cracked: The Future of Dams in a Hot, Chaotic World" by Steven Hawley Book

The ugly truth about dams is revealed. Give the gift of a great read this Father’s Day with Hawley’s “Cracked: The Future of Dams in a Hot, Chaotic World.” This book dives deeper into the history of dam building across the United States and globally, shedding light to many of the not so common knowledge sides of dams. Published by Patagonia, Cracked reads with a tone of keeping wild places wild and restoring previously wild places to give future generations the opportunity to experience all that this remarkable planet has to offer, but also an almost fear-inducing reflection of past mistakes. Be sure to check out the full book review by clicking HERE.

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7. Simms Flyweight Access Wet Wading Shoe – $199.95

Simms Flyweight Access Wet Wading Shoe

Kick your fishing adventures into all-terrain mode with the Simms Flyweight collection Wet Wading Shoe. Simms introduced the Flyweight Collection in 2021, with a goal of making lightweight and quality fishing products to enhance anglers time on the water. Whether your walking miles on miles, or like the lightweight features of this wet wading shoe, it is made with quick-drying materials featuring Vibram Idrogrip Flex soles for ultimate grip while fishing the slickest conditions. If your dad goes on fishing missions, walks miles to stalk anything that swims, look no further than the Simms Flyweight Access Wet Wading Shoe, a great gift to give for Father’s Day.

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8. Free Fly Apparel Men’s Latitude Pant – $118

Free Fly Apparel Men's Latitude Pant

Are you the one that buys clothing for your husband? The Free Fly Apparel Men’s Latitude Pant features a lightweight, stretch-woven, and sun-protective material for days spent on the water. Not only are these pants great for the skiff, they pass the test for a dinner night out with friends and family. Offered in three different color ways, cement, slate blue, and tobacco, give your husband or dad something to show off this Father’s Day.

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9. Ross Reels Colorado Reel – Greenback Cutthroat Special Edition – $495

Ross Reels Colorado Reel - Greenback Cutthroat Special Edition

New to the market in 2023, with only 495 of these special edition reels available, give dad a gift to remember this Father’s Day with the Ross Colorado Greenback Cutthroat reel. The Colorado reel from Ross offers a unidirectional click-pawl drag with a crisp, audible sound offered in a 2/3wt model. Not only is this a limited run piece, each purchase gives back to Colorado Trout Unlimited and the Poudre Headwaters Project.

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10. Grundéns Boundary Stockingfoot Wader – $599.99

Grundéns Boundary Stockingfoot Wader

From pro guides who spend 300+ days on the water to the ever-hopeful salmon and steelhead anglers, trout fanatics, and surf casters looking for the longest lasting, best performing, hardest working gear, the new Grundéns Boundary Stockingfoot Wader takes it to new levels. Made from the highest quality GORE-TEX fabrics and a modern suspension system, these waders give anglers unparalleled freedom of movement both in and out of the water. If dad is looking for a new set of waders, look no further than the Grundéns Boundary Stockingfoot Wader this Father’s Day.

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11. Western Aloha Kiholo Bay Aloha Shirt – $125

Western Aloha Kiholo Bay Aloha Shirt

After long days on the water call for comfy and casual clothes to sit around and enjoy cocktails with friends. Western Aloha’s Kiholo Bay Shirt was inspired by classic weekends paddling and fishing the blue waters of Kiholo Bay, Hawaii. Printed on a four-way stretch performance, moisture-wicking fabric, stay in style for nights out with friends and family with Western Aloha’s Kiholo Bay Aloha Shirt.

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12. Arcade x Marsh Wear Collaboration Belt – $34.95

Arcade x Marsh Wear Belt

New for 2022, Arcade Belts and Marsh Wear clothing collaborated together to make a collection of limited edition belts for angling enthusiasts. Whether you’re swinging for steelhead in the PNW, fishing on the east coast for striped bass, prefer skiff fishing, or stalking trout on grassy cut banks, this stylish collection meets performance with the freedom of motion and follows the curve of your form for maximum comfort. If you need a new wading belt, a belt for your pliers, or need a stylish belt for nights out, check out the Acrade x Marsh Wear limited run belts this Father’s Day.

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13. YETI 28L Panga Waterproof Backpack – $300

YETI 28L Panga Submersible Backpack

Tired of fly boxes and fishing gear getting wet? Look no further than the fully waterproof YETI Panga Backpacks. Built for those who live on the water, the Panga series are equipped with a tough, high-performing water and leakproof zipper ensuring a reliable seal to keep fishing gear dry. Here at Flylords we use the Panga backpacks from YETI for our camera gear, phones, wallets, and more. If dad is looking at getting a new pack for all of his fishing gear, check out the YETI 28 liter Panga backpack.

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14. Abel Nippers (Engraved) – $195

We all have those flies we die by. If your dad is the type to fish a Parachute Adams, during the gnarliest of the streamer bite, this nipper’s for them. The new generation of Abel nippers have been ergonomically overhauled and re-designed, making it the premier cutting tool on the market with the capability to cut 8x tippet up to the strongest braids. Not only has Abel gone above and beyond with the build of these nippers, but two sets of rare-earth magnets also keep the jaws open without a hinge. These nippers also have a magnetic “fly dock” allowing for easy rigging when tying flies onto your leader. Now, you can customize your nippers with custom colors on both the body and plate, as well as choose to have your favorite fly or flies engraved front and center on your new favorite tool.

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15. Columbia Men’s PFG Super Terminal Tackle Vent Hoodie – $65

Columbia Men's PFG Super Terminal Tackle Vent Hoodie

Dad can never have enough fishing shirts. Whether this shirt is used out on the water, worn during household activities, or spent with the family outside, look no further than the Columbia PFG Super Terminal Tackle Vent Hoodie. Built for sun protection, this sun hoodie is equipped with Omni-Shade UPF 50 fabric, as well as advanced sweat-wicking material, keeping you protected from the sun and the inconvenience of smelly, sweaty, fishing shirts.

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16. Sea Run Cases Expedition Classic Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Travel Case – 9′ 6″ Rod – $679

Sea Run Cases Expedition Classic Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Travel Case

Built for the traveling man. Whether hopping on a plane, or need a case to travel with your fishing gear, the Sea Run Expedition case is the answer. Sea Run Cases are built with double-wall composite materials for case protection. Forget the hassle of your fly fishing gear as a carry-on; the Expedition Case from Sea Run is secured with three TSA approved combination locks for maximum security. The interior design was constructed strategically for large arbor reels, fly lines, leaders, tippets, and more. The upper portion of the case has enough storage for four to six 9’6″ fly rods, with a divider wall to separate the top and bottom of the case. If dad or your husband are going on an awesome fishing adventure, be sure to check out the Expedition Case from Sea Run Cases.

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17. Redington Wrangler Kits – $249.99

Redington Wrangler Kits

New to fly fishing? Had a great time on the water during a guided trip? There’s no better choice than outfitting dad with a great fly rod, reel, line, and carrying case for this Father’s Day. Redington manufactured the Wrangler Kits for any beginner angler for any species. Offered in six different size options, The Pond (4wt), Trout (5wt), Trout XL (6wt), Bass (7wt), Salmon (8wt), or Saltwater (8wt), shoot your shot and allow the Wrangler Kit to be dad’s trusted fly fishing adventure partner.

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18. Flylords Original Merchandise “Favorite Sweatshirt” – $60

Flylords Original Merchandise

If your husband, dad, or grand dad is a Flylords enthusiast, be sure to check out our merch line! If you’re not sure what to get your fly fishing addicted father, we have a variety of different hats, T’s, and sweatshirts! Take a look at our “favorite sweatshirt” in turquoise!

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19. Gift Card to a Local Fly Shop 

Gift Card to a Local Fly Shop 

If you’re still stuck and don’t know what to get your fly fishing obsessed father, get him a gift card to a local fly shop. You’ll give him the freedom to get what he really wants while supporting a local shop at the same time.

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20. Guided Fly Fishing Trip

Is your dad new to the sport of fly fishing or interested in trying it for the first time? There’s no better way to learn the basics than spending a day with a knowledgeable guide. Best of all, guides will provide all the gear Dad would need for a day on the water from rods and reels to waders and flies. It’s as easy as calling a local fly shop and scheduling a trip! Take a look at the guided trips our friends at Silver Creek Outfitters in Idaho have available!

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21. A Day with Dad

Photo from @nelson_oxley

Whether it’s in the backyard having a barbecue, watching his favorite sports team, or taking him to his favorite stream, spending a day with your Dad is just about the ultimate Father’s Day present.

Be sure to consider some of these awesome fly fishing gifts for your dad this Father’s Day. From new gear like a rod or reel to a guided fishing trip, there’s something for every fly fishing dad in this year’s installment of the Father’s Day Fly Fishing Gift Guide.

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  1. Wonderful stuff! But don’t forget to give Dad the best gift of all this Father’s Day…time on the water together!

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