Preparing for Your First Great Lakes Winter Steelhead Trip

Every year in the weeks leading up to the holidays my thoughts turn to the tributaries of Lake Ontario's southern and eastern shores, and...

Dry Rub BBQ Steelhead and Salmon Recipe

Searching for Salmon or Steelhead can be achieved in many different locations. The differences in the watershed can range from small to large, rural,...

How to Peg and Fish Beads for Great Lakes Steelhead

Fall is winding down, temperatures are dropping, and the snow is starting to fly. All three factors bode well for the Great Lakes steelhead...

Making the Transition: Getting Ready for Salmon River Steelhead

It’s that time of year again, the 10 WT heads back into its rod tube, and I start preparing myself and my gear to...

Help Save Idaho’s South Fork of the Salmon River

Another mining project's ugly head is looming over a hallowed piece of wild trout and salmon water, this time in the lower 48 on...

45 Days: A Norwegian Salmon Story

Closed borders and empty river beats made the 2020 Norwegian Atlantic Salmon season one that local anglers will not forget for years to come,...
King Salmon Grip and Grin

Taming the King

For years I’ve heard stories about people catching Salmon in the northeastern United States. I knew that Atlantic salmon were native to that area,...

Fall Run: A Great Lakes Steelhead Primer

For many of us in the Great Lakes region, autumn is prime time to start targeting the migratory species of the big lakes. There...

5 Effective Fly Patterns for Great Lakes Steelhead

Steelhead are migratory rainbow trout born in rivers but spend a large portion of their lives in the Great Lakes or the ocean for...
Spey fishing tips

Four Essential Spey Fishing Tips for Beginners

From dry fly fishing to euro nymphing, fly fishing can be incredibly complex and learning each new method is often a steep learning curve...

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