Shark Week On Fly: Blacknose Shark

Shark week is here people! Which get’s us excited about sharing Shark on fly stories every single day for the next week. Yesterday we...

Shark Week On Fly: Bonnethead Shark

A new day means a new shark during "Shark Week On Fly" where we highlight 7 shark species over the course of 7 days....
Bull Shark 2

Shark Week On Fly: Bull Shark

Today's "Shark Week on Fly" featured shark is the Bull Shark. Considered one of the most dangerous sharks in the world, they can be...

Shark Week On Fly: Leopard Shark

Yesterday we covered the dangerous and deadly Bull Shark, today's "Shark Week On Fly" is the elusive Leopard Shark. These sharks can be found all over the Pacific Coast of North America. The sharks are often scared of humans, making them harmless on most accounts and also very challenging to target on the fly.

Belizean Bliss, from the Jungle to the Flats

There are few places in the world that get the heart racing more for permit fisherman than the saltwater flats of Belize. Endless shallow...

How to Catch Your First Belizean Permit on the Fly

Belize is a small, astonishing Central American country lying between Mexico and Guatemala. It has some of the most diverse wildlife in the Americas,...

Video of the Week: Find Your Water: 24 Hours in L.A

In this Video of the Week, we take a look at Redington's Find Your Water series where we catch up with Bobby Harrison, Matus...

Costa Behind the Guides: Nick LaBadie

Meet Nick LaBadie, a captain based down in the Key West, Florida. Nick specializes in guiding fly fishing to flats species. The Flylords team...

Simms & KGB Productions Release “Baja Lines” Full Film

Featured in the 2020 Fly Fishing Film Tour, "Baja Lines" follows a group of anglers and freeride mountain bikers in search of unridden lines...

Striped Bass: In OUR Hands

One of the redeemable qualities about striped bass is that, when they are plentiful, these fish are incredibly accessible. We fish for them on...