In this week’s Video of the Week, we take a look at Wild Fly Productions‘ 3rd installment of the Short Bus Diaries. The boys get in one more float enjoying the scenery and beauty of the Montana Backcountry with a few good friends. While the bull trout fishing may have been anything but stellar and the Cutthroat more than willing the boys head out of the backcountry headed for Craig.

Craiglandia. A mystical place of Drift boats, fishing stories, and the ever famous Missouri River. While the MO can one of the most rewarding fisheries it can also be one of the most difficult. A combination of winds, grass, ice, pressure, or just downright big fish filled with piss and vinegar makes the MO who she is. A large body of water known to beat you down and spit you back up. If there was a crew up to the challenge it would be The Short Bus Diaries crew. So tune in as we catch up with Scottie, Adam, Bryant, and Steve as they explore the wonders of Craig and the magnificent MO.

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