In this week’s segment of Video of the Week, we take a look at Rolf Nylinder’s short film The Expedition Leader presented by Podsol. A story about Rolf and a ragtag group of friends that he has always fished with individually but not together as a group. A scene and feeling all too familiar to us as anglers. The joining of the minds, the transition of individually planned one on one trips into a meeting of the souls and passions. Rolf explains and documents this trip as the so-called mediator or middle man. Markus Lemke became the expedition and group leader early on, then Kristian Matsson soon filled the role of the expedition photographer, and finally, Håvard Stubö (Jazz and Fly fishing) became the foremost wilderness expert. Rolf watched and observed as his 3 entirely different friends who had heard of each other but not met, bonded over a like passion for fly fishing, field coffee, and dry flies.

So sit down relax and enjoy the Scandinavian countryside, some big fish, and the effortless storytelling and cinematography of Rolf Nylinder. If you like what you see here make sure to follow along here @rolfnylinder.

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