Video of the Week: River Tigers

In the Land of Giants, a new adventure film is born. An unlikely team built of an American conservationist Guido Rahr, explorer-scientist Mikhail Skopets, and Russian industrial magnate Alexander Abramov converge on the river in an attempt to find the elusive fish, to unlock its mysteries, and figure out a way to protect this singular place among the harsh realities of life in the Wild West of the Russian Far East. 

The Siberian taimen, the ancient, long-lived, oversized cousin of Pacific salmon, still reign in a remote kingdom of cold, undisturbed rivers in the Russian Far East. Roughly half of these watersheds are beyond the reach of civilization—buffered by roadless wilderness that has, for now, survived illegal logging. Journeying there is like going back in time. “River Tigers” is a new 14-minute documentary film from Wild Salmon Center, Maser Films, and Yonder Content. It focuses not only on the taimen but on the passions and unlikely friendships that drive conservation in the last frontier. 

Image Courtesy: Guido Rahr

Join us for the world premiere on November 2 at the Banff Mountain Film Festival (LINK to

It’s a trip to one of the last truly wild places on Earth. 

Check out River Tigers, starting November 2.    

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