For most of us, Fall is giving way to Winter which means skiing and winter fishing. But for others, that means putting the rods back on the rack, putting the boat back in storage, and hunkering down for the winter. So in the midst of these changing seasons sit down and watch as Wild Fly Productions and Blue Line Company road trip and float through the Montana summer. In episode 2 we catch up with the crew where they are getting ready to fish for Cutthroat and Bull Trout in the Montana backcountry. Utilizing the versatility of their raft the crew finds themselves in less fished waters teeming with willing Cutthroat and the ever difficult Bull Trout.

Learning from their past the crew tries to implement everything they’ve learned along the way. From waking up and putting in at first light to approaching the run correctly so they can get the proper swing. The boys are equipped with the knowledge, the location is epic, and the will is there. So check out Wild Fly Productions second installment of The Short Bus Diaries volume 2.

Image Courtesy: Wild Fly Productions 



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