In this week’s episode of Video of the Week, we catch up with Scottie Finanger of Wild Fly Productions and his buddy Colby Menefee as they target Bonneville Cutthroat trout in a small mountain stream. Equipped with 3wts, finicky fish, and tight casting corridors makes for an epic short video. The Bonneville Cutthroat trout is Utah’s state fish, “historically found in the Bonneville Basin, including Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, & Nevada scientists believed that pure strains of Bonneville Cutthroat were extinct 30 years ago. Until small populations were found in nearly 70,000 acres of lakes & 850 miles of streams.” ( So sit down and enjoy as Scottie and Colby break down this small stream to target Utah’s state fish.

Wild Fly just released their Spring 22′ collection check it out here:

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