In this Week’s Video of the Week, we link up with Renegade Fly Rods on their most recent destination video series, “The Renegade Rendezvous”. The Rendezvous series was an idea to get anglers out of their comfort zone. And what better way than to take 3 trout anglers: Tyler Puisello, Wes Buchanan, & Landen German out of their element and drop them in south Florida with the heat, bugs, and gators. From Tarpon to Snook the crew gets a warm welcome to South Florida despite the wind and motor problems. So sit down and enjoy as Tyler, Wes, and Landen try to figure out the heat and why the hell a tarpon won’t eat your fly.

Renegade Fly Rods is a new brand built for the next generation. “A generation that is rewriting the rules for a group of anglers that don’t follow the rules. We grew out of a group of avid, hardcore fly anglers, that lead in a new direction and show us there isn’t only one way to do this.” Follow along here: @renegadeflyrods and be sure to be on the lookout for more killer content!

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