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Great people, and great fishing.

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Those are the first two words that come to mind when describing our trip to Teton Valley Lodge – a fly fishing lodge in Driggs, Idaho. Outfitting fly fisherman since 1919 on the South Fork of the Snake, Teton and Henry’s Fork rivers. Last year we had a chance to visit the lodge on their 100th Anniversary – the goal was to visit during the legendary Salmon Fly Hatch, to try and shoot some big bug content.

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The trip was a great success and we couldn’t have timed the fishing any better. From the moment we landed at the airport we were in great hands. Charismatic guides who were helpful, knowledgable, and built custom schedules around all of our priorities. As Brian- the owner puts it – from the moment you get to camp you are apart of the Teton Valley Family. And he truly makes you feel that way.

untitled (175 of 237)At night we stayed in a beautiful little cabin overlooking the stunning Teton Mountain range. The food was great, and the staff couldn’t have been more helpful. In the morning you were greeted with full plates of breakfast and big smiles. You then make your way to meet with your guide for the day. The lodge has one of the coolest fly-rooms we have ever seen – stacked full of every fly you could imagine. The goal here is to make sure their guides and clients have the best flies available for that day.

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We fished with a few guides over the course of our 4 days fishing – and were fortunate enough to spend some time with Brian. Brian’s family has been running the lodge for over 100 years, and you could tell he had guides blood running through his veins.

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One of the best days we had on the water was dropping rafts into Bear Gulch on the Henry’s Fork. We slid rafts down the side of a huge cliff and awaited a Salmon Fly buffet at the bottom. This day was truly out of a dream.

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Brian jumped out of the boat – and dragged us upstream so we could hit all the best holes – were still not sure how he was strong enough to hold us in the current…

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Our trip with Teton Valley Lodge will definitely go down as one of our favorite trout experiences – and we hope to make it back again soon! If you are interested in planning a trip out west this summer definitely shoot them an email! Or feel free to reach out to us via email

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