New Yeti Spring 2020 Releases

Yeti is kicking off 2020 with a few additions to their already bear-proof line-up. As the brand continues to expand its offerings in outdoor recreation accessories. Coming in the spring season are a new lighter-weight camping chair, new Rambler designs and colors, an update to the much-loved Colster and last but not least, a brand new cooler design, the Yeti V-Series.

From Yeti:

Trailhead Camping Chair

Once you’ve conquered a killer trail, you’ve earned an even better break. Our Trailhead™ Camp Chair is a best-in-class seat designed for legendary durability and hardcore comfort. Included carry bag makes it easy to take your chair on the trail. And ultra-supportive FlexGrid™ Fabric makes for a comfortable landing. You and your seat are going places.

Check out the Trailhead Camping Chair, here!

V-Series Vacuum Insulated Cooler


Combining two YETI icons: the cold-holding power of our Rambler® Drinkware and our iconic Tundra® Cooler. The YETI V Series™ Stainless Steel Cooler is the result of our relentless dedication to innovation, taking our legendary insulation to the next level in a look that’s a classic nod to the past, but built with downright futuristic technology.

Check out our piece highlighting the innovative cooler, here!

Check out the V Series, here!

Rambler Colsters 2.0

As one of our tried-and-true, flagship products in the Rambler drinkware lineup, this well-loved can insulator was due for a little innovation attention. Over the years, our tech and capabilities have evolved – and so have the cans we find in stores.

These days, we’ve got wine in cans, tall iced coffees in cans, spiked seltzers in cans, good, old-fashioned tall boys (again, in cans), and of course the standby longneck beer (but in glass). So one Colster can insulator did not fit it all.

This new suite takes care of that. On the outside, you’ll notice a sleeker design, DuraCoat Color that extends all the way down, and varying gasket sizes to ensure each type of can is secured. Plus, the updated Load-and-Lock gasket only requires a simple quarter turn to seal the deal. It’s a simple change that will make a big impact. And of course, they’re insulated with a double-wall vacuum so your beverages stay really, really cold.

New Rambler Bottle Accessories

MagDock Cap

This hydration innovation marries our chug-style cap with the simplicity, function, and power of magnets for a 100% leakproof, on-the-go solution. The MagDock Cap is smartly designed with a magnet docking station so you never lose your cap when you’re downing your H20. And the customer-favorite narrow spout of our chug cap allows for faster drinking while keeping ice cubes at bay. That’s too many wins to count.

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Cup Cap

Save some space by transforming your Rambler Bottles with our heat-locking, two-in-one companion — the Cup Cap. Not only is it compatible with every Rambler Bottle, but it also offers twice the functionality. As an insulated cap, it helps keep your coffee, tea, or even whiskey at the perfect temperature. And when you twist it off, you’ve got a double-wall vacuum insulated cup.

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Chug Cap

Get to drinking faster with the Rambler® Bottle Chug Cap. It just takes a quick half-twist of the TripleHaul™ Handle to open and then you’re good to go, making it easy to steal a sip without slowing down. Its classic spout allows for speedy gulps, plus it’s shatter-resistant and dishwasher safe, like the rest of the YETI Rambler accessories. And while your friends don’t need to chant “chug” as you drink from the Chug Cap, we certainly don’t think it hurts to add to the experience.

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Check out the full collection of Yeti Rambler accessories!

New Seasonal Colors – Coral, Chartreuse, Pacific Blue

This season Yeti has released 3 new limited edition colors to help you kick off your spring with a bright pop of color.

Our Chartreuse Collection is inspired by the sacred taro plant in Hawai’i and is as eye-catching as the heart-shaped plant itself. Find this bright green color on our rugged, insulated drinkware and shop today as this hue won’t be around forever.

Our Coral Collection is here for a limited time, just like the beachside sunrises and sunsets the hue is modeled after. Find coral-colored YETI gear in our hard coolers, soft coolers, drinkware, ground blankets, bottle slings, and bags.

Rambler Elements Collection

Our latest collection is inspired by Mother Nature and the way she works best — time. It’s the key to her craftsmanship — rock formations sculpted through years of weather, precious minerals slowly forged by volcanic magma. So, when we set out to add a sleek finish to our drinkware, we took the time to ensure our latest collection was much more than a polished face. Each piece is layered with an advanced, oleophobic coating (which is science for: it’s fingerprint-proof), tested to the highest level of UV resistance, and equally as dishwasher safe, durable, and insulated as its predecessors. Grab this premium drinkware while you can in our 14 and 24 oz. Mugs, 20 and 30 oz. Tumblers, new Colster® Can Insulators, and select Rambler® Bottles (now included with the Chug Cap).

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