Most Useful Fly Tying Accessories

As anglers enter the world of fly fishing, picking up flies from a local fly shop or online is usually the norm. Many of...

Complete Guide to Fly Fishing Montana

When it comes to trout fishing, there really is no place like Montana. Home to some of the most famous rivers in the world,...

Best Entry-Level/Beginner Fly Fishing Rods

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Artist Spotlight: George Hill

Flylords got to meet George Hill, an oil painter based in Missoula, Montana. Originally from Michigan, where he first learned to fish and to...

Artist Spotlight: Rachel Lubarski

Flylords got the chance to meet Rachel Lubarski, an Indiana native whose skill on the water shines through in her angling and her artistry....
fihsing with fishpond

Gear Review: Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible BackPack & Chest Pack

In our latest Gear Review, we had the chance to test out FishPond's Submersible Backpack and Chest Pack from their Thunderhead gear line. Check...

The Only Battered Fish Recipe You Need to Know

Show me someone who doesn’t love crispy fried fish and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t like fish….period. But not all fried fish are...

Behind the Brand: Mustad

In partnerhsip with Mustad Hooks, we will be hosting a live tie on the @flylords Instagram AND Facebook, with our friend, Svenddiesel. Tune in...

Artist Spotlight: Travis Sylvester

We got the chance to speak with Travis Sylvester, a talented artist located in the Salt Lake City area. Travis's portfolio boasts impressive portrait...

Best Streamer Fly Boxes

Fly boxes are often a reflection of the angler carrying them. Neat and organized by size and pattern or in disarray, randomly stuffed in...

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