Top Fly Fishing Rod Holders and Holsters

O'Pros Rod Holder

As the sport of fly fishing continually evolves, we as anglers constantly find ourselves on the hunt for products that will improve our time on the water. Large and small fly fishing companies have bridged the gap with innovations in rod storing technology. Rod holding technology provides anglers ease and accessibility while changing flies or holding multiple rods at a time. In the following list, we at Flylords highlight the top game-changing rod holders bringing new life to the fly fishing industry.

O’Pros 3rd Hand Rod Holder

Whether changing flies, adding tippet, untangling messes, or unhooking fish, anglers across the globe can reflect on a time where having an additional hand would have been useful. The Outdoor Professionals (O’Pros) innovated their solution to this pressing issue with the creation of the 3rd Hand Rod Holder. The creators of the Original Dragonfly rod holder crafted a new and improved design featuring various new additions providing confidence in situations when an extra hand is needed the most. 

O'Pros Rod Holder

Made in the USA, the 3rd Hand Rod Holder features 360 degrees of rotation allowing anglers to position their rod to suit any situation while out on the water. The elastic cord with an adjustable tensioner and cord hooks provides anglers with more security when locking their rod into the rod holder. Quick access hooks were redesigned to securely hold any standard cork handle on the market. The easy to attach belt clip holders give provide the ability to attach to any two-inch or one-inch belt strap. This rod holder the first and only fully adjustable belt clip rod holder in the fly fishing industry. 

Perfect for Photo Ops

The O’Pros 3rd Hand Rod Holder fits the novice, intermediate, or advanced angler. You can never worry again about not having enough hands while out on the water. 

Fishpond Quickshot 2.0 Rod Holder

Fishpond describes their Quickshot 2.0 Rod Holder as “the closest thing to having a full-time rod caddie on the water with you.” This innovative design ensures that your rods will be held securely and completely out of your way while fishing. The Quickshot 2.0 is the new and improved version of Fishpond’s original Quickshot rod holder.

Fishpond Quickshot

The Quickshot 2.0 features an improved back attachment capable of attaching to Fishpond packs and backpacks. Issues with the original magnetic release led to the innovation of the side release buckle providing a much stronger hold on your weapon of choice. The webbing loop coated with polytube holds the standard butt of any fly rod. The quick-release rod holding buckle creates ease when releasing your rod. The adjustable back attachment attaches to the secure molded tabs which can be found on most Fishpond wading belts.

Stream side Quickshot 2.0

This versatile rod holder is compatible with the Thunderhead Submersible Backpack, Sling, Lumbar Pack, Cutbank Bag, and the Windriver Roll-top backpack. The Quickshot 2.0 is compatible with all Fishpond packs created in 2018 or newer. The Quickshot 2.0 Rod Holder is an excellent option for your next fishing excursion.

Vedavoo Rod Holster

Bulky equipment can tend to get in the way during long days on the water. Vedavoo Gear took a very minimal but useful approach to the rod holder/holster game. Voted the Best of Grey’s Fly Fishing Accessory in 2017, this rod holster comes in at a whopping 2 ounces making this one of the lightest rod holding accessories on the market.

Vedavoo Rod Holster

The Vedavoo Rod Holster is made up of an 18-ounce Raft Vinyl Topsheet and the backer contains repurposed vinyl from Water Master Rafts. This product features a welded loop for rod butts and a buckle strap that clips over the cork handle for optimum security. The minimal design eliminates the stress of line snags. The easy sliding straps fit most if not all wading belts on the market. The buckle strap allows your rod to pivot keeping your second rod out of your way while casting.

Vedavoo Rod Holster

The Vedavoo Rod holster will fancy all fishermen from gear junkies to minimalists. This streamline design should definitely be in your top rod holder considerations.

Smith Creek Rod Clip

Rod holders and holsters are known for attaching to wading belts but that is not always the case. The Smith Creek Rod Clip attaches directly to your vest, pack, jacket, or wader strap. The rod clip instantly struck popularity when named the IFTD best accessory in 2012. The innovative and unobtrusive design will keep your rod and reel out of the water and muck at all times.

Wayne and Dylan Smith of Smith Creek New Zealand
Image Courtesy of Wayne and Dylan Smith of Smith Creek New Zealand

Constructed out of anodized aluminum as well as UV-resistant fabric, this rod clip assures desirable longevity. Connected to a retractable zinger, this rod holder is capable of connecting to your area of choice. Whether re-rigging, posing for a photo, or just taking a break, this rod clip has you covered.

Wayne Smith of Smith Creek New Zealand
Image Courtesy of Wayne and Dylan Smith of Smith Creek New Zealand

It is without question, anglers who choose the Smith Creek Rod Clip will never worry if their rod is secure. Definitely a viable option when considering additions to your gear collection.

In closing, hands-free accessibility can be very useful for all types of anglers in the fly fishing community. While there are various styles and brands, all of these rod holders, clips, and holsters address the same idea. Depending on your personal preference, you can fish with confidence knowing that you have an additional hand when needed. Now, grab a rod or two, slap a rod holder on your belt or vest, and hit the water.

Written by Grant Michaels

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