How to Tie: The Velcro Crab

In this week’s How to Tie Video feature, Martyn White is here from Martyn White Flicking Feather to show us how to tie the velcro crab fly.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Intermediate

The Velcro crab is one of the many interpretations of how to tie a crab fly to fish for bonefish, redfish, and other saltwater carnivores. Utilizing thin sheets of velcro to create the outer shell/ body of this fly, it is considered an extremely versatile, as well as durable fly when fishing the salt.

These flies can be fished in a multitude of ways. Whether you’re lining the rugged, sandy bottom of some Florida flats, or navigating over and through tall grass in coastal marshes through South Carolina, there’s one thing for certain. These little crabby flies drive big fish nuts.

Unline many freshwater flies, or flies that imitate baitfish, the majority of this “tie” is done off the vice. After some foundation and weight is attached to the hook, this fly moves from vice to table (preferably stuck into a foam tab) for the final touches that give this crabby creation its body and personality. For new tiers, this may seem like a daunting departure from ordinary tying methods, however it can be a fun way to explore new techniques and further explore your creativity behind the bobbin.


  • Hook: Gamakatsu SL11-3H
  • Weight: lead dumbbells
  • Thread: 6/0 to match colour of crab
  • Body: Velcro (soft side) cut to crab shape
  • Legs: rubber legs, chenille or rubber bands
  • Claws: chenille, cock hackle or rubber
  • Mouth parts: hackle fiber, marabou or similar
  • Eyes: EP crab eyes or similar
  • Belly: Epoxy mixed with white nail polish
  • Weed guard: Hard Nylon


Now you know how to tie the Velcro Crab!

Video and Ingredients courtesy of Martyn White Flicking Feathers 

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