China to Ban Single Use Plastic Bags & Straws

For years, China has struggled with the garbage that its 1.4 billion citizens generate. Hell, the country’s largest trash dump is the size of 100 football fields and hit capacity 25 years ahead of schedule.

In 2017, China collected more than 215 million tons of household garbage and leads the world in single-use plastic consumption, producing a whopping 28% of the global total. But, all of that is poised to change after an announcement made by the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission.

According to the Commission policy, single-use plastic bags will be banned in cities and towns by the end of 2020, with single-use straws taking their final bow in 2025 in the restaurant industry.

Illegally produced wood is also in the Commission’s crosshairs. For nearly 20 years, China’s thirst for raw materials has been a driver of illegal logging in parts of Asia and Africa and is said to be the world’s largest consumer of the material.

According to the BBC, “Beijing has amended its law to help timber-producing countries trying to tackle corruption in forestry. It says it aims to protect forestry resources and supports a ban on the cutting of natural forests.”

To read more about China’s recent environmental push, read the rest of this article from the BBC!

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