How to Tie: The Tarpon Bunny

In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Davie Mcphail is here to show us how to tie the Tarpon Bunny fly.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Intermediate

This week, we head down south to the salty flats of the Florida keys, where over 50 years ago this iconic fly made its debut. For tarpon anglers, this fly is an absolute go-to and an essential in their fly box.

Because of its long zonker style tail and its thick rabbit fur body, this fly moves with beauty and grace throughout the water, and will surely entice even the most fickle fish. The great part about these flies is that even with their name making them sound “Tarpon” specific, they can be used to fish a plethora of species such as snook and even trout (for those who love the tie, but not the airfare).

Considering this fly’s long history it has undergone many variations, and like many other flies, benefits from creative thinking. If you’re looking to make small variations, these flies do great in colors besides the one shown above. By tying them in purple, black, chartreuse, etc. you can not only add more flavor to the suggested pattern, but diversify your arsenal. Also, when it comes to those less experienced on the vice, this is a great tie in order to gain practice tying more complexed patterns. While the design may look intimidating, the overall construction is fairly straightforward.


  • Hook, Mustad C68SZ Tarpon sive 1/0
  • Thread, UTC 140 Fl.
  • Fire Orange Under Tail, Orange Bucktail and Orange Krystal Flash
  • Tail, Spirit River Fire Tiger 1/8 Zonker Strip
  • Throat, Fire Tiger 1/8 Zonker Strip and a Orange and Yellow Hackle
  • Eyes, 4mm White Eyes
  • Head, Fl.Fire Orange

Now you know how to tie the Tarpon Bunny!

Video and ingredients courtesy of Davie McPhail

Article written by Flylords team member Wills Donaldson 

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