How to Tie: The Conehead Bunny Leech

In this How to Tie video feature, Tim Flager from Tightline Video shows us how to tie the Conehead Bunny Leech

Learn About This Fly

Difficulty: Intermediate

The conehead bunny leech is a fantastic fly for fishing big fish with big appetites. Given its name from the iconic cone-shaped head, along with its rabbit hyde body, this fly moves through the water with dangerous tenacity.

A perfect snack for hungry bass or trout, this fly can be fished in rivers, ponds, and lakes in pursuit of all water-dwelling beasts. An extremely effective style of fishing this fly is with a strip-and-pause retrieve that instills life into the free-flowing streamer body. By allowing small pauses between the flys drift, the submerged leech performs an attractive dance, which combined with the shiny torpedo-shaped head, is overwhelmingly enticing for any surveying fish.

While this fly is only made up of a few components, it may still provide a bit of a challenge to those less experienced on the vice. However, by using the helpful tips Tim provides, as well as running through a few practice rounds, you’ll be cranking these flies out within no-time. Also note, the coneheaded bunny can be produced in a plethora of colors, so get creative and have some fun!


  • 2X-long streamer hook (here, a Lightning Strike SN1), sizes 2-10.
  • Gold cone, small.  
  • Lead-free wire, .020.        
  • Superglue       
  • Black, 6/0 or 140-denier tying thread     
  • Rabbit-fur Zonker strip.     
  • Rabbit-fur dubbing, in a noodle. 
  • Additional tools (recommended):
    • 2 chip clips
    • dubbing wax
    • dubbing whirl
    • plunger-style hackle pliers
    • toothbrush.

Now you know how to tie the Conehead Bunny Leech!

ingredients and video courtesy of Tightline Video

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