Bonefish Tarpon Trust Releases New Video About Tarpon and Bonefish Connectivity

No, they’re not talking about bonefish and tarpon connecting to the internet, but how interconnected the populations of these two iconic species are to the health of the Caribbean fishery.

The Bonefish Tarpon Trust just released this fun and informative video about the spawning and migratory behaviors of their 2 namesake species, displaying how interwoven the populations are and why conservation protections need to be put in place everywhere these species swim.

After decades of conservation and research, BTT can now prove how linked the populations of the two species are. For instance, when bonefish spawn, they utilize the currents of the Caribbean to disperse the larvae (which hatch within 24 hours of the spawn). Meaning the larvae from a bonefish spawning event off South Andros, Bahamas can end up spending their lives on the northwestern flats of Cuba!

The film also emphasizes the need to protect tarpon as they make their annual migration for their own spawning and feeding. Outside of Florida, protections for these fish are left wanting, and we need to ensure that they receive similar levels of conservation everywhere they swim.

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