How to Tie: Svend’s Cray Cray Fly

In this week’s How to Tie video feature, our friend Svend Diesel is here with an original creation of his. Enjoy as he shows us how to tie Svend’s Cray Cray fly.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Intermediate

When fishing small streams or raging rivers, the crayfish pattern is one of the most effective flies one can fish in targeting large trout or bass. Through a year of development, Svend has adjusted the traditional crayfish fly pattern in order to create a highly fishable, and highly durable representation.

Some special features that make this fly so effective are the weighted bottom, and the mono wrapping over the tail. By adding a weighted section at the end of the tail, this fly will always land in “attack position”. This means that as fish watch this fly sink, it will deliver a much more lifelike presentation as if it is being defensive of lurking predators. This also allows for a much more realistic looking dash as one jig retrieves this fly across the bottom. With the monofilament wrapping over the tail, this fly gains a much more durable make-up, thus greatly prolonging its longevity.

When tying this fly, it is easy to become intimidated by the many things going on at once. However, with a few potato chip or hair clips, Svend’s instructions are very easy to follow along with. Soon enough, you’ll be cranking out cray crays faster than you can catch fish with them. Note, the color of this fly is certainly one to be played with. By changing to an olive, brown, or even purple color scheme, you can figure out which variation fishes your local stream best.


  • Hook: Ahrexhooks TP650 26 degree hook
  • Thread: Semperfli waxed thread 8/0
  • Hackle: Whitingfarms American Hackle Rooster Orange grizzly Large
  • Antenna: hareline dubbin Grizzly legs
  • Antennule/Legs: Voodoo Fibers
  • Claws/Body: Rabbit strips
  • Shell/Tail fin: Tab rubber legs
  • Ribbing of Abdomen: 20-30 lb mono
  • Shell: Semperfli no tack UV resin


Now you know how to tie Svend’s Cray Cray Fly!

Video and Ingredients courtesy of Svendiesel

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