How to Tie: Svend’s Turkey Fly

In this week’s How to Tie video, we have a special treat from our friend @Svenddiesel. About a week back, we approached him with the prospect of tying up a festive turkey fly in anticipation for the upcoming holiday. He enthusiastically accepted the challenge and within days delivered a fly that looked as enticing as thanksgiving dinner. Without further ado, here is how to tie: Svend’s Turkey Fly.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Diesel

While families and friends gather together to enjoy a feast, festivities, and football; trout sit bored and unenthused wondering where their usual visitors may be. However, what people may not know is that fish such as trout and bass also celebrate thanksgiving.

One time a year, fish gather together in pursuit of delicious turkey, just as we do. This fly is an excellent way to enthuse stubborn river monsters who only have a hankering for an oven-roasted bird. Soon after this fly hits the water, expect an eruption of feathers and the thrill ride of a lifetime as a fish turning down this deliciously plump fly is a rarety.

So, after a hearty helping of button busting stuffing, take a sit-down at the vice and try your hand at this elaborate fly. This Thanksgiving, avoid the politics and impress the in-laws with the perfect conversation starter and centerpiece.

Thank you again to our friend @Svenddiesel for tying this masterpiece up for us. For incredible fly tying videos and tutorials, make sure to go check him out on Instagram and Youtube.


  •  Hook: ahrexhooks TP615 size 1/0
  • Thread: semperfli nano silk 3/0 black
  • Tail and Wings: whitingfarms 4b hen feathers
  • Legs: harelinedubbin rubber legs
  • Body: whitingfarms euro grizzly hackle mixed with FNF Daphnia Fritz
  • Head: 2mm red foam with blue and black sharpie highlights
  • Resin: loonoutdoors thick (make sure it’s flexible)

Now you know how to tie Svend’s Turkey Fly

Video and ingredients courtesy of @Svenddiesel

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