How to Tie: Cammisa’s Sneak Attack

In this week’s How to Tie video feature, Tim Cammisa of Trout and Feather teaches us how to tie Cammisa’s Sneak Attack

Learn About This Fly

Difficulty: Novice

This fly is an original creation by popular fly-tier, and youtube personality, Tim Cammisa and is an extremely simple, yet effective asset for the average Euro-nymphing angler.

Along with the adoption of Jig hooks and mono leaders, Euro-nymphing has erupted in popularity in the fly fishing space within the last 5 years. With it, so has the introduction of thousands of newly specialized nymph flies, all ranging drastically in weight and construction. Like many other euro-nymphing flies, this fly capitalizes on its simple design and sleek profile. By understanding that sometimes less is more, this fly floats easily through freshwater currents, only to be noticed by hungry trout at the last second. What makes this fly so effective is its ability to capitalize on its drastic contrast between the black bead and body, and the orange dubbing hotspot. By triggering a last-second reactionary strike, this fly focuses less on matching the hatch, and more on playing on aggressive trout instinct.

This fly is incredibly easy to tie, and makes a great practice fly for beginners in the fly tying space. However, considering its effectiveness, even the most season fly tier should never dismiss it as an unenthusiastic tie, as the fish it’ll yield will certainly compensate for any lack of complexity.


  • Hook: Hanak H 450 BL; #16 Bead: Tungsten slotted 3.0mm; matte black
  • Thread: Semperfli 12/0 waxed; black
  • Tail: Coq de Leon; medium pardo 
  • Body: Krystal Flash; black 
  • UV Resin: Solarez Bone Dry 
  • Thorax: Sybai Fine Diamond; copper-red


Now you know how to tie Cammisa’s Sneak Attack

Video and Ingredients courtesy of Trout and Feather 

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