How to Tie: Mayer’s Mini Jig Leech

In this week’s How to Tie video feature, Tim Cammisa from Trout and Feather is here to show us how to tie Mayer’s Mini Jig Leech.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Novice

In this How to Tie video feature, Tim Cammisa shows us his take on a classic pattern; Mayer’s Mini Leech. By adding a few slight variations such as the most noticeable, a Slotted bead head on a jig style hook, Tim has put a modern spin on one of the most iconic leech patterns to date.

The beauty of Mini leeches such as this one is in its counter-intuitive nature. While many anglers assume that the only way to catch big fish is to sling massive streamers that sound like a cannonball when they hit the water, this fly offers a delightful surprise as it seems to be a magnet for impressive fish. Fished best around the early winter for when trout are stocking up for the cold season, this small snack poses as an easy bight of protein for trout on the prowl. Because of its small size, trout view is as an unintimidating eat that should hold them over between chasing and digesting their larger meals.

What’s great about the addition of a slotted bead to this fly as opposed to the original un-beaded stlye, is the additional weight that it contributes. Not only does the tungsten bead allow for the fly to get down deep faster, thus allowing it more time in the feeding zone in every drift, but it also aids in detecting strikes when fished on a tight line rig. While these flies can be fished like a streamer, they are oftentimes most effective as a point fly on a Euro-configuration. Because of the added weight, detecting a change in drift is much easier and will allow for more accurate hook-sets.


  • Vise: Stonfo Transformer Hook: Hanak H 450 BL; #10
  • Bead: Hazard Fly Fishing 3.5mm slotted tungsten; silver
  • Thread: Semperfli Nano Silk 18/0; black
  • Body: Krystal Flash; green (coated w/ Solarez Bone Dry)
  • Wing: Micro Pine Squirrel Zonker strip
  • Collar: Ostrich Herl; gray


Now you know how to tie Mayer’s Mini Jig Leech!

Video and Ingredients courtesy of Tim Cammisa

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