How to Tie: The Dubbing Emerger

In this week’s how-to-tie video feature, Fly Fish Food is here to show us how to tie the dubbing emerger.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Novice 

“This fly is the dumbest fly I’ve ever seen”. You know a fly is going to catch fish when the how to tie video starts with that sentence. Somehow it seems that the silliest, most simple flies are the ones that manage to bring in buckets of fish in comparison to their complexed counterparts. However, there is no shame to be held when fishing this fly. Why? Because, why would you be?

This fly is a generic replication of an emerger fly, which is the mid-stage between an insect’s pupal and hatched phase (caddis, mayfly, etc.). These little buggers use bubbles to draw themselves to the surface in order to molt and fly into the skies to reproduce. Needless to say, this is a large part of the diet of freshwater fish, and will consistently bring hungry trout into your net.

Flies such as these are perfect last-second ties for that part of your morning where your between sweating out the toxins of the night before, and waiting for your coffee to finish brewing. Within minutes, you can have an army of these little guys finished up and in your fly box, ready to be lost in trees and under rocks. This is also a great beginner fly for those who are just beginning to tie, but are sick of tying zebra midges.


  • Hook: TMC 200R Hook – 20 – 25 Pack
  • Thread: SemperFli Nano Silk Ultra Fine 30D 18/0 – Olive
  • Bead: Killer Caddis Glass Beads – Midge – CC-Tan
  • Tail / Legs: Whiting Brahma Wing Soft Hackle Pair
  • Body: Life-Flex Spandex Material – Olive
  • Thorax: SLF Prism Bug Dub – Gray
  • Wingcase: UTC Flashback Tinsel – Black – Medium
  • Alternate Dubbing : Wapsi Super Fine Dry Fly Dubbing – Adam’s Gray

Now you know how to tie the Dubbing Emerger!

Video and ingredients courtesy of Fly Fish Food

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