How to Tie a Bimini Twist Connection Knot

Have you ever struggled with the process of deciding the type of knot to tie that will lead to the most security? Whether it be attaching your fly to your leader, attaching backing to your fly reel, or attaching your fly line to your backing, having tight and secure knots are crucial for your success. If you find yourself chucking streamers with 6 weight+ fly rods or you are an avid saltwater fly angler, then the bimini twist should definitely be in your arsenal. Commonly, this is used as a loop connection between fly line and backing when targeting larger fresh or saltwater species. Although challenging, the bimini twist is unique in that it does not weaken the material in which it is being tied with or attached to. In this tips and tricks tutorial, Anglers All demonstrates how to create the famous bimini twist.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Fold your line/backing 1-2 feet over itself.
  2. Pinch the line off with your left hand and create a loop with your right hand.
  3. With your right hand, begin twisting the loop 20-25 times in a circular motion creating your twists.
  4. If possible, find something to loop your line/backing over to create tension on the line.
  5. Tighten your twists so that there are 8-12 inches between the loop and tag end.
  6. Pinch off the tag end with your left hand.
  7. Inset your right index finger in the loop and pull back as far as your can to create tension.
  8. With your right thumb and middle finger, pinch off the tag end and begin wrapping the line over the twist.
  9. Pull your index finger out and grab your tag end, insert it into the loop that has been created and create a half hitch knot.
  10. Insert your finger into the underside of the loop, grab the tag end, and wrap the standing end 5 times.
  11. On the last turn, bring the tag end up through the bottom of the loop, and pull your slack line upward.
  12. Pull your tag end tight, snip it off, and hit the water! Tight lines!

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