How to Tie a Blood Knot in 30 Seconds

One of the most important aspects of fly fishing is ensuring that your leader and tippet knots are secure. The Blood Knot is a tried and true knot popular amongst anglers across the globe. Although this knot isn’t the most challenging to tie, it can become tedious managing where the tag ends are placed. In this tutorial, Will Phelps or Phelpsonthefly on YouTube demonstrates an easy and simple take on tying this trusty knot.

Steps to Create the Blood Knot

  1. Take two pieces of tippet or leader material and cross them.
  2. Pull one tag end to create a longer section to begin the knot tying process.
  3. Start by wrapping the long tag end around the other section of line 5 times.
  4. Place your thumb in the “Y” that is created by the two lines.
  5. Continue to wrap the long tag end an additional 5 times.
  6. Pull both tag ends through the hole in opposite directions that was created by your thumb until tight.
  7. Cinch down the knot by pulling the main sections of tippet or leader material in opposite directions. (Wetting the knots before cinching is recommended)
  8. Clip your tag ends flush and hit the river!

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