How to Spool a Fly Reel

Setting up your fly reel can be an intimidating task. Don’t sweat, Mad River Outfitters presents an in depth how-to tutorial on how to effectively set up your fly reel.

Simple Steps:

  • Determine your retrieval style (left hand reel or right hand reel)
  • Thread your fly line backing through your reel arbor
  • Create a UNI-Knot and cinch the backing tight to the reel arbor
  • Load on the appropriate amount of fly line backing to your reel
  • Attach your fly line to the backing with a simple nail-knot (variety of tools available for tying nail knots)
  • Attach your leader to the end of your fly line 
  • Tie on a fly and hit the river!

For more information on fly line and backing, click here.

Check out Mad River Outfitters for more in-depth instructional tutorials.

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