How to Rig a New Zealand Strike Indicator

As long as fly fishing has been around, strike detection is something anglers always value. Although you may be able to feel a strike, often times this is not always the case. The ever popular suspension rig indication system is a tried a true technique exercised by anglers across the globe. While the typical “thingamabobber” or floating cork might do the trick, often times these could spook fish lying beneath the surface. Luckily the New Zealand Strike Indicator Company created a reusable system using yarn and tubing that casts like a dream and floats for hours on end. In this tips and tricks video of the week, Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions will demonstrate how to rig the NZ Indicator system.

How to Rig the NZ Indicator System:

NZ Indicator systems come with a pre-loaded tool with segments of indicator tubing and colored clumps of floating yarn.

  1. First, take a small segment of yarn from the clump.
  2. Roll the segment in your fingers to preen the fibers in the right direction.
  3. Double your leader over to form a loop.
  4. Using the tool included, place the hook on the doubled over loop.
  5. Then, slide a segment of tubing down over the loop.
  6. Place the rolled wool through the loop so it is spaced evenly.
  7. Slide the plastic tubing tight to the rolled yarn.
  8. Pull in opposite directions on either tag end of the leader to pull the yarn down into the tubing.

After the yarn is loaded into the tubing, it can be easily slid up and down the leader without creating kinks in the line. The indicator can also be removed and reused many times making for the perfect suspension rig! Now its time to load up your gear, set up your NZ Indicator system, and hit the river!

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