We recently had a chance to test out the new Duck Camp Spring Line in the mountains of Colorado as well as down south – chasing some bass. We sat down with the Duck Camp Founder Sim Whatley to learn more about the brand and the role that fly fishing has played in the creation and evolution of Duck Camp.

Flylords: Can you tell us a little about what fishing means to the Duck Camp brand?

Sim Whatley: There is inevitably a lot of excitement for us around hunting. Because of the nature of hunting seasons and the prolonged periods we endure while new generations of wildlife are brought up, it feels a little bit like Christmas morning on Opening Day. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all. But Fishing… Fishing is our first love! Catching bream on a dock with a cane pole and a bobber with your Dad comes long before you are handed your first shotgun. It is a year-round pursuit that introduced us to the outdoors and it will always bring us back. Plus, chasing everything from Bass to Bonefish to Blue Marlin is always better with your best friend and if we are about anything, it’s spending time with those we love in the great outdoors.

Flylords: We heard this was your deepest spring line yet, how many items are you launching specifically for fishing?

Sim Whatley: The Spring line runs deep! Ha! Actually compared to some brands, it’s probably on the small side, but we don’t mind.

We are bringing back the Scout Shorts in a couple of new colors – Gunmetal and Clay Pigeon. They are a great crossover short that can go from the swimming hole to the bow of a boat to the hiking trail with ease. Superfast drying and comfortable with big deep pockets.

Bamboo Crew and Hoodies – Camos and 3 new solids on the Hoodies. So soft. Zippered chest pocket for keeping your contraband safe.

New for this season, we have developed what we are calling Drifter Shorts and Drifter Pants. 2-way stretch, quick-drying nylon shorts, and pants that are a little more technical than the Scout Shorts. Articulated knees, zippered and magnetic pockets in the right places, a little waist elastic to help with in-between sizes, they are coming in 2 colors: Sandbar and River Rock.

As an evolution to our popular Wingshooting Shirts, we have developed what we are calling our Hooksetter Shirts. Short and Long-sleeve, Solids and Plaids. Again, (chick) magnet and zippered pockets in all the right places. Large enough chest pockets to fit fly boxes and cell phones. Forcep tab. Vented and breathable yokes. Sunglass wipe. Hidden collar buttons. All the things!

Lastly, new Hats, New T’s with some fresh designs.

Flylords: Favorite item in the spring collection?

Sim Whatley: The Plaid Hooksetters are sharp!

Flylords: Favorite local fishery?

Sim Whatley: Originally from Louisiana, I’d say I am more familiar with the Delacroix/Hopedale area, but now having lived in Texas for a while, I have started to fish the POC/Aransas Pass area a bit more, with a little help from my friends.

Flylords: Bucket list Cast-and-Blast trip?

Sim Whatley: I’ve been researching and thinking a lot on how to time the Osceola Turkey season with the Tarpon migration. Our good friend Gray Drummond at Florida Outdoor Experience seems to have both of those dialed in so I’m hoping we can get down there at some point soon and try to make that happen!

Flylords: We reviewed your sun-hoodies last year, can you tell us about the updates for this year?

Sim Whatley: So this time around we have changed the fabric up a little bit. We knew we wanted this hoodie to be the perfect on-the-water shirt – so in addition to being lighter weight, we replaced the Cotton from the previous fabric with Polyester, making it dry much faster. We also added a zippered chest pocket for whatever you need to keep close. They are still incredibly soft and will almost certainly be stolen by your girlfriend.

We are moving to having the Lightweight and Midweight hoodies available year-round, so keep an eye out for that!

Flylords: Any other relevant info?

Sim Whatley: This is obviously a very strange time right now. It’s hard to act normal when everything is the opposite of normal. We appreciate everyone supporting the small folks right now. We’ll leave you with a few lines from one or our Heros that we recently lost to this situation. We are trying to find some hope out there…

I been thinking lately about the people I meet
The carwash on the corner and the hole in the street
The way my ankles hurt with shoes on my feet
I’m wondering if I’m gonna see tomorrow

Fish and whistle, whistle and fish
Eat everything that they put on your dish
When we get through we’ll make a big wish
That we never have to do this again, again? again?

Whistle and Fish – John Prine

Be sure to check out Duck Camp’s full Spring Line here and check them out on Instagram at @duckcampco.

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