New Product Spotlight: Duck Camp Co Ultralight Rain Jackets

We recently had a chance to test out the new Duck Camp rainjackets in the Charleston Lowcountry. Not only did they keep us dry, but they were also extremely breathable and functional for warm days on the water or in the field. We sat down with the Duck Camp Co team to ask a few questions about what makes their new rain jacket so kick ass.

Flylords: When we first got the rain jackets we were very surprised by the actual material of the jackets, it almost felt like a cloth texture. Could you tell us a little about the material used in the production of these?

The jackets are made from a 3-Layer waterproof/breathable fabric similar to some Gore-Tex fabrics we’ve tested. Beyond being extremely watertight and breathable, the backing of the fabric is super soft to the touch and really comfortable to wear, even with short sleeves – that’s the 3rd layer. We went through a lot of fabrics looking for the perfect one to create a rain jacket that you can wear in late summer/early fall to keep you dry, but won’t either stick to your skin or trap your heat. It’s also great as a shell in colder weather when rain is threatening.

Flylords: The jacket seems to breathe really well, was this a goal in the design of the jacket? Are there any features that you want to mention in regards to breathability.

Absolutely! Hunting seasons kick off on September 1st, but most places are still oppressively hot. No one wants to wear that heavy-duty insulated jacket when it’s 80 degrees outside. And that lightweight “slicker” jacket you have does nothing but trap your own body heat inside, making you sweat, and sweat, and sweat. So when we were looking for a fabric, we had to have the highest breathability available. Our fabric comes in at 25,000g/m2, which essentially means that over a 24 hour period, 25,000 grams of water vapor will pass through a 1-meter square piece of fabric… or in layman’s terms, really breathable. If you want us to continue to geek out, it’s got 6 pockets, has a 10k waterproof rating, hood with adjustable toggles, adjustable waist cord and packs into its own pocket.

Flylords: We know Duck Camp is both a hunting and fishing brand, where do you see these jackets being used the most?

Honestly, these jackets are really versatile. Teal blinds, fishing trips, local watering holes. They look good and give you a great chance of bagging your limit! And if you know how to layer, this piece will get you deep into the fall with the right stuff underneath. Merino wool base layer, mid-weight shirt, and rain jacket will take you through the 1st split of duck season or early bow season no problem. Add a fleece or down jacket and you may even make it till Snow Goose Conservation! And you should always pack it on the fishing boat no matter what time of year.

Flylords: What colorways are these jackets coming in?

Since we see these being used mostly in the 1st half of your season, we have made these in our Early Season camouflage patterns. Also “Mallard Green” for fishing and everyday use, Early Season Wetland for Marshy Waterfowl and Early Season Woodland for Whitetail and Flooded Timber hunters.

Flylords: What is your team most excited about with these jackets launching this month?

As a young brand, it is hard to come out with a full system in year 1, but we want our customers to know that we are committed to being a full-service, high-performance outdoor brand. This is the first product that we think could compete with any brand on wet weather performance and we are excited to see how people like it. We want people to get it out there, test the hell out of it and give us their feedback.

Flylords: How much do the jackets weigh? Why did you decide to go with such a lightweight design?

12.2 ounces, which is about as light as you’ll find. We definitely saw a gap when it came to lightweight/breathable rain gear. Most of the more modern outdoor hunting/fishing brands seem to be really focused on either Western or high altitude pursuits, but we are from the Gulf Coast, where it may still be 70 degrees on Christmas Day. We need high-performance hunting apparel for that warm weather and this is the first piece we know of that really hits all of the bases.

Flylords: Anything else on the horizon heading into the end of this year?

We will be launching some super-tough field pants and a durable fleece hoodie this fall as well that we are excited about. We know there is a lot of work that goes into scouting/planting/maintaining the land and we wanted to create a few pieces that also work when you’re working. Look out for Duck Camp Brush pants and our Head Guide Hoodie in mid-October.

To purchase a Duck Camp Co Rain Jack visit this link and check them out on Instagram at @duckcampco.

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