The Duck Camp Co Bamboo Hoodie is a game changer. There are a few things that catch my interest personally when it comes to purchasing new gear, specifically apparel; does it have a hood? Does it come in Camo? Is it soft? Is it functional? Let’s just say these hoodies met all the right criteria.

Upon arrival, the first thing we noticed was the material. A buttery soft, yet somewhat thick bamboo material, unlike anything else I had in the closet. You can tell there is extra effort spent into the detail of hoody. From the drawstrings to the actual cut of the shirt, and obviously patterns – bringing a pretty unique camo into the game which as I mentioned above, is usually a good thing for me. I am 5’11 185 and the Large hoodie fit pretty perfectly.

The first trip we brought these hoodies on was to Australia – we spent 2 weeks traveling all over the country fishing for some pretty insane species with our friends from AussieFlyfisher and Tourism Australia. We spent the first week in the remote Wessel Islands – which if you haven’t heard of and you are reading this, do a quick google maps search, the place is remote, and literally at the very tip of Northern Territories Australia.

Weather was tough on this trip and we battled through heavy rainstorms on multiple days. We spent the majority of our fishing days in these hoodies and for a functional fishing shirt, they are awesome. A little slow to dry, and a little thick for the super hot days on the water, but when the temp was under 85 degrees Fahrenheit and we weren’t getting pelted by thunderstorms the hoodies were comfortable and super enjoyable to wear on the water. On the water I am a big fan of having a hood over my head, I spend too many days in the sun not to care about protecting myself from the sun, and this shirt has become one of my favorites.

A few weeks later we set out to go shoot the Salmon Fly Hatch in Idaho with Teton Valley Lodge. Once again I grabbed my Duck Camp Co Bamboo Hoodie and under the waders, the shirt was a perfect layer for on the drift boat or just wading through the water in search of big hungry trout.

To purchase a Duck Camp Co Hoody visit this link and check them out on Instagram at @duckcampco.

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