Your Favorite Fly Hatches Are Under Threat

In the latest volume of the journal “Biological Conservation”, they published a study highlighting a dramatic decline in global insect life, stating that “Over 40% of insect species are threatened with extinction.” The study cites the key drivers of this decline as, habitat loss (mainly due to agricultural and urbanization), pesticide use, fertilizers, invasive species and, wait for it…climate change.

While the study highlights many species across the globe that are facing the threat of extinction, there are a few names on the list that most of us fly anglers need to fight to protect. Caddisflies are amongst some of our favorite hatches and a scary 63% of species being identified as threatened. Stonefly and mayfly species are also on the list of the most threatened.

The biggest issue is what the world would look like without these important food sources that our favorite trout rely on year after year for survival. The loss of these insects could spell doom for countless species that are in their food web, like trout.

Check out the full study, here.

Sources: Journal of Biological Conservation, Hatch Mag.

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