New Maine Senate Bill Targets Anglers’ Gear

The new bill entitled, “An Act To Require Biodegradable Hooks and Lures for Freshwater Fishing,” has Maine anglers riled up. This bill, presented by Senator Davis of Piscataquis, lays out a plan to ban all non-biodegradable lures and hooks from use in the State’s waterways. For most of us fly anglers, this sounds like a good deal because hey, all we do is tie some combination of feathers and fur to a hook and call it a day. But therein lies the rub, we haven’t seen a biodegradable hook that will stand up to big fish or won’t rust, in fact, the only patent we could find was filed in 1996. But this isn’t set in stone yet. The bill still has a public hearing scheduled for Feb. 27th.

We will add updates to this story as it develops.

Read the legislation, here.

If you are a Maine Resident, you can contact your state representatives, here, to comment on the Bill.

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