How YOU Can Get Paid to Fish Idaho

Bounties on fish aren’t an old concept, this method has been used by wildlife managers for decades to cull populations and weed out invasive species. But this time its something we can really get behind. Because hell, who doesn’t want to go fish the South Fork of the Snake River?

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game has launched a program offering anglers cash prizes of $50-$1000 for Rainbow Trout heads that contain a coded wire tag in their snout.

Two years ago the South Fork of the Snake River had ~1300 rainbows per mile but today they are facing a staggering 6000 bows per mile. So the odds are pretty high that you will find a bunch of these tagged fish.

This little gig sounds pretty great to us and not just because you have the chance to essentially pay for your trip while you’re out there. You’ll also be helping to stoke the return of the native cutthroat trouts’ return to dominance in the Snake River.

Source: Idaho Department of Fish and Game,

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