Catch Me Fly Fishing Presents -“Catch Me” – Taimen Fishing In Mongolia

Mongolian countryside is not known for a typical European citizen to be traveling through and in the popularity list of tourist attractions is certainly not the top destination for a stay. For us, Mongolia is a dreamland, promising adventure, untouched nature, the opportunity to explore and most important, home one of the world’s largest salmon fish called Siberian Taimen.
And because we do not want to enjoy the euphoria, adrenaline experiences and joy alone, we added also the top cameraman Rasťo to our team. He recorded our adventures on the camera and captured the best experiences.
Take a ride with the wild waters of the Yenisej River and walk or ride on horseback to the untouched Mongolian Taiga. Surviving the euphoria of the first fish, enjoy exploration and, maybe, the disappointment of losing a big fish in our first film Catch Me Mongolia.
Be sure to check out the Catch Me crew on Instagram @michal.vavro and if you’re interested in joining them on one of their adventures be sure to check out their website

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