Video of the Week: Short Bus Diaries Volume 2

A bus, 4 dudes, a pallet of beer, and the open road what could go wrong? This week we follow up with WildFly‘s second installment of the Short Bus Diaries. It all starts out in Salt Lake where the boys (Scotty Finnanger, Bryant Patterson, & “Hobo Steve“) meet up with BlueLineCO’s Adam Hudson to see the new and improved Short Bus. From Salt Lake, the boys hop on the bus and take off on the road north, to the land of Cold Beer, Big Fish, and Big Sky.

In Volume 1 the boys visited Eastern Idaho to try and catch the Famous Snake River Salmon Fly Hatch. In Volume 2 they start the adventure outside Glacier Park targeting Cutthroat and Bull trout. So sit down and enjoy some unbelievable videography, amazing fish, and even better scenery and camaraderie.

Make sure to follow along on there next adventure: @Shortbusdiaries


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