The South Island of New Zealand Never Disappoints

We went to the Tekapo Canal on the South Island of New Zealand last week. The fishing was just insane until another COVID-19 lockdown...
girl holding cutthroat

3000 Miles “A Story From the Road”: Colorado

It seems like out here the flowers bloom a little brighter and the grass grows just a little bit taller... If you've ever driven through...

Trout Refuses Beetle Fly [VIDEO]

One of our guides Wayne Paxton was capturing the moment when they stumbled upon this fish. On our spring creeks, Japanese beetles become very...

Barramundi (Barra) of Australia [Tips to Catch Them]

Barramundi (barra) are known internationally as Australia’s favorite light tackle sportfish. They are a beautiful looking silverfish with large scales and a massive bucket...
Brown Trout on Mouse

Late Night Special: Brown on the Mouse

After a night of many blow-ups and misses, @matt.khall got one to hang on at 2:30 AM. Photo: @pcon3.14.

3,000 Miles: “A Story From the Road” Florida

“Hey Meris, odds are you book a one-way ticket to Florida and drive my car back to Colorado with me” This short conversation between my...
Bowfin on Fly

Bowfin on the Fly in the Great Lakes

Bowfin are some of the coolest native species we have here in the Great Lakes. Locally we do not see very many in our...

Relict: Chasing Native Cutthroats in the Bighorn Mountains

Sunrise lights the willow stands and the meandering bends of a mountain meadow.   Anglers are already scattered along the stream, eager to test...
Angler standing in creek and casting

Restore The Gore

Vail has long been known as a great destination for fly fishing. The fishing opportunities surrounding the town, including Gore Creek, the Eagle River,...

Tasmania Spinner Feeders

The lake was crystal clear and I could distinctly see each of the brown spots that randomly adorned the perfectly proportioned brown trout as...