Video of the Week: Imperfect Craft

This week we had the chance to interview filmmaker Zach Youngberg, as well as hear from printmaker Ben Engle on their film, Imperfect Craft. Check out the full interview below!

FlyLords: What gave you the idea to make this film?

Zach: I came up with the idea to put this piece together after getting to know Ben through a mutual friend. His passion for fishing and the arts is visible when talking to him about either. I knew that I needed to create something about him as soon as I learned how serious he is about both fly fishing and print making. The flies he ties are a work of art every time, and the connection between those and his art background is obvious. I knew this would make for a great story.

FlyLords: Give us a quick description of who Ben Engle is.

Zach: Ben Engle is a perfectionist. He takes great pride in whatever he does, and obsesses over anything that grabs his interest. Whether it be casting, fly tying, print making or working at his local fly shop Lost Coast Outfitters, he does it all the the best of his ability. He truly lives and breathes this sport.

FlyLords: Explain some of the parallels between fly fishing and print making.

Ben: Fly fishing and printmaking are two mediums for me where repetition is key. Through the repetitive process of casting a rod or editioning prints, I find that I enter a meditative state. Both for me assist the other. I find that fly fishing clears my mind and helps with the development of future print endeavors.

FlyLords: Where can we find some of Ben’s work?

Ben: Work can be found at and @benenglestudio on Instagram.

FlyLords: What’s next for Zach Youngberg?

Zach: I’m not totally sure what’s next for me, i’ve got a few things I’d like to film. I have a friend thats a die hard Truckee River fisherman that I’d like to work with, and then I’d really like to film a piece about Tony from Alpenglow Fly Rods. Tony builds beautiful bamboo rods and is another angler that lives and breathes the sport.

This interview was conducted by FlyLords team member Conner Grimes (@doublehaulmedia).

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