Outside Media has decided to jump headfirst into the NFT and Web3 world with their new project, “the Outerverse.” Instead of launching the marketplace to make a tidy profit, they’ll be sharing proceeds of the sales of the NFTs to varying nonprofits in the outdoors promoting sustainability and DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) nonprofits.

Several months ago, we covered a group of artists creating fly fishing NFTs whose sales benefited cold water conservation projects. But this latest news from Outside Media certainly looks to take that a step farther and set itself up as the marketplace for exclusive, outdoor-focused NFTs featuring brands, athletes, influencers, and causes in the outdoor industry.


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From Outside.io:

“Welcome to Outside.io, the first outdoor and active lifestyle NFT Marketplace committed to promoting wellness, diversity, and sustainability with the help of blockchain technology. Where every NFT will be carbon-neutral, with 20% of net revenue going to select sustainability and DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) nonprofits. And of course, not only do you get amazing art in the metaverse but also real-world benefits to inspire you to enjoy the Outerverse.”

According to their webpage, the marketplace is built on the Solana blockchain, chosen specifically for its “advanced proof-of-stake approach that dramatically lowers its footprint compared to well-known competitors.”

You can learn more about the launch in this in-depth article from Outside Online, or by heading to the marketplace yourself at: https://www.outside.io/

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