Land the Perfect Gift this Holiday Season with Some Fishy, Fine Art

Happy holidays from Flylords! If you’re looking to wow your fish-loving family and friends this holiday season, we’ve got you covered. We’ve spotlighted seven talented artists this year, whose work transports viewers to their favorite lakes, rivers, and salt flats. Between their 2D and 3D styles, various media, and even functional pieces, you’re sure to find the perfect gift that brings your loved one’s favorite fish to life.

Paul Puckett

Photo Courtesy of

Bio: Paul Puckett is a gifted painter and illustrator based in Charleston. His captivating marine scenes are inspired by the low country and are perfect for salt-water-loving anglers. He also specializes in what he calls “catch and release” paintings, which will capture your loved one’s proudest fishing moments beautifully.

Primary Medium: Watercolor

Where to Buy: You can check out Paul’s work and buy online at his website.

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Tim Johnson

Photo courtesy of Tim Johnson

Bio: Utah-based fly designer, guide, and recreational therapist Tim Johnson is also a talented artist who dabbles in all kinds of media, including watercolor, oil paint, and pencil. He’s well known for his “TimmyGrips,” which he crafts by burning fish designs into rod grips. If you’re looking for a unique gift, Tim is your man.

Primary Medium: Oil Paint, Pyrography

Where to Buy: To browse Tim’s existing work, visit his website. Original commission inquiries can be made through the website, or directly to

Special Offer for Flylords Readers: Tim has kindly offered a 15% discount on his TimmyGrips to any Flylords reader! You can access your discount in two ways. You can visit the TimmyGrips page on Tim’s website, order a “Timmy Grip Certificate,” and apply the code FLYLORDS at checkout. You can also access this order form, also applying the code FLYLORDS at checkout. For questions or rush orders, please contact Tim directly at

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Joe Mangiafico

Photo Courtesy of Joe Mangiafico

Bio: Joe Mangiafico is a masterful knife craftsman now located in Bend, Oregon. His designs capture the look of everyone’s favorite trout species and are built to last. His masterpieces are perfect for anglers who want to use an artistic gift doing what they love: fishing!

Primary Medium: Knife Making

Where to Buy: You can check out Joe’s available inventory on Instagram, where he plans to post the knives he has available for the holidays.

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Remington Robinson

Photo Courtesy of Remington Robinson

Bio: Remington Robinson, a lifetime fisherman and talented artist based in Boulder, CO, creates art on every scale. From beautiful murals to the tiniest canvases, Remington’s work captures stunning landscapes and creatures in vibrant colors. His work makes a memorable gift for anyone who loves the outdoors.

Primary Medium: Acrylic Paint

Where to Buy: You can make inquiries for commission pieces by messaging Remington on Instagram.

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Rachel Lubarski

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Lubarski

Bio: Indiana native Rachel Lubarski creates her pieces straight from the water itself. Her incredibly realistic driftwood sculptures depict her clients’ favorite fish with striking accuracy. These pieces are sure to make any angler’s holiday season and to bring their favorite species to life.

Primary Medium: Driftwood

Where to Buy: To get a feel for Rachel’s art, visit her website. Then, to request a commission, email her directly at, or direct message her on Instagram.

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George Hill

Photo Courtesy of George Hill

Bio: Missoula, Montana based painter George Hill specializes in, essentially, fish portraits. His work combines impressionism and realism to create compelling images that draw the viewer in close. Not only is George’s work incredibly beautiful, but his passion for honoring the species he paints are the driving force behind his style. George’s work makes a thoughtful gift for anglers who hold conservation close at heart.

Primary Medium: Acrylic Paint

Where to Buy: You can see George’s fish art at his website, on the “fish series” page. You can then inquire about pricing and custom paintings through the “contact” page, or by emailing

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Travis Sylvester

Travis’s Piece “Desert Edge”
Photo Courtesy of Travis Sylvester

Bio: Also based in Utah, Travis Sylvester is an artist whose career has made a big splash in recent years. Working from his home studio, Travis has created stunning graphic designs and colored-pencil drawings of fish species. His colored pencil pieces capture the real-life texture and anatomy of fish with laser-precision, and their vibrant colors stand out in any setting. Travis’s work is simply a must-have for any angler’s art collection.

Primary Medium: Colored Pencil

Where to Buy: You can purchase online and contact Travis by visiting his Etsy Shop or his website

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