In this Video of the Week, we head to Cameroon with Black Fly Eye Media. The same media company that brought the world of Fly Fishing Cosmoledo has just released their newest short film Faro. Faro is about finding an untouched Nile Perch fishery in Africa. Helmet Zaderers from Flyfish Adventures recently just received access to fish the Faro River in the Wilds of Cameroon. The Nile perch (Lates niloticus) is one of the most important fly fishing targets in Africa. Habitat destruction and all forms of overfishing have severely affected the distribution and density of Nile perch populations. One of the largest freshwater fish on earth, it reaches a size of up to 2 m and weighs up to 200 kg. What makes the Faro River so unique is that river and the surrounding area are an intact ecosystem creating an untouched Fly Fishing Frontier.

“Perch fishing takes place almost exclusively from just before sunset until around 22:00, so it is night fishing. At this time, the perch go in search of food. Few can be caught during the day, but more by chance. Flyfishing at night has its own charm. Not everyone likes it at first, but you can learn it quickly. And being under the stars, immersed in the sounds of the African wilderness, is a truly extraordinary experience. So sit down and enjoy as Helmet and Black Fly Eyes Media explores the wilds of the Faro River. 

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