In this video of the week, we catch up with Redington and Eeland Stribling in their newest short film “All Jokes Aside”. Eeland is a wildlife biologist, fly fisherman, and stand-up comedian. A true jack of all trades. Fly fishing for Eeland is a way to find relief and a place to clear his head. He talks about the odd similarities between stand-up comedy and fly fishing such as ” you really don’t need either of them but you can look at them interchangeably.” Through this view, Eeland expands on how all of our lives are made up of a series of moments. Such as the light, the heavy, the humorous, and the serious. And how if we’re not paying attention, then we might miss the ones that are most important, right now, at this moment, such as Bristol Bay & Black Lives Matter. So sit down and enjoy as Eeland puts all the jokes aside.

Check out more of Eeland’s Page here: @Blacksteveirwin

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