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2021 F3T Behind the Lens: Spot Burn

When you think of the popular hunting and fishing brand: Meat Eater, you're most likely picturing epic hunting, delicious game recipes, and just about...
Fly shop with flies in foreground

Fishing Etiquette – How To Navigate a Fly Shop

Fly shops are special places— sources of local fishing information, the original social media hubs, cultural focal points, and one-stop shops for all things...
spawning cutty

Spring Into Trout Love: What to Know About Upcoming Spawning Seasons

This Valentines' Day, we decided to take a moment from the heart-shaped chocolates, sushi dinners, and other means of compensation for a rod purchase...
oneandone steelhead

#OneAndDone – A Winter Steelhead Pledge

Winter steelhead populations in the Pacific Northwest have been on the decline for many years now. They face different challenges from harvest, hydropower/dams, habitat...
Angler standing beside an alpine lake in Grand Teton National Park

Fishing Etiquette: Spot Burning

Sharing information about fishing is always a balance. A balance between 1) inspiring and informing people to get out and have a successful day...

Fishing Etiquette: Trout Handling Best Practices

When practicing catch and release fishing it’s important to note that different species require different handling practices. Compared to many other game fish, trout...

Fishing Ethics: De-Barbing Hooks

Some of us learn the easy way, others the hard way... But, at some point in your fly fishing journey, everyone discovers the importance...